Planning a Route 66 Trip

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U.S. Route 66, is also known as the "Will Rogers Highway", "The Mother Road" and "The Main Street of America". Route 66 highway system was established on November 11, 1926. It is one of the amazing and adventurous highway systems of the America. The drive on this road always becomes a source of enjoyment to the people. Not only the people of America but also people from other parts of the world enjoy a drive here. The entire route from Chicago to Los Angeles is full of excitement and gives a feeling of freedom in many travelers who love the open road.

If you are planning to travel on this road and want to fully enjoy the trip, then there are certain steps that need your consideration:

First step

Fully explore Route 66. The research is important not only because it's more than 2,200 miles long, but also because there's so much to experience. By this research, there would a clear idea in your mind about the location and sights. There are many websites on internet which gives a lot of information about this trip. A good overview map of Route 66 is available at
Route 66 Map

Second step

Choose your start point and end point. By deciding this thing, there would be clear idea in your mind that what is your destination and where you have to reach. You can drive the complete route from Chicago to Los Angeles, or you can select few destinations - such as St. Louis, Missouri, to Amarillo, Texas, or Oklahoma City to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and explore it thoroughly.

Third step

Reserve your accommodations. Though you can plan to stay at big hotels, but half the fun of a Route 66 road trip is staying at peculiar motels off the highway. These motels can book up fast during peak seasons so you should definitely try to make a reservation in advance.
Route 66 Motel

Fourth step

Decide the attractions which you want to visit. Internet can be a good source by which you can select the places you want to visit. There are many websites which give information about these places. Among these websites, a very well-known website is This website tells all the information about the route, description of the places and restaurants. It gives information about different shops, museums and leisure opportunities so it is an advice to those, who are planning a trip to route 66.
Route 66 Attractions

Following these steps while planning your Route 66 road trip will definitely help you to make the trip more enjoyable and memorable.

Below are the top 10 attractions that you should not miss on your Route 66 trip.
Read them here >>.

Route 66 Trip Planner

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