10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Michigan

Michigan is known as the Greek lakes state. It is located in the Midwestern region of the United States. The state has so much to offer to its visitors. It is full of natural scenes and great locations. The small towns in the state are full of beautiful beaches and artistic landscapes, festivals and specialties. Instead of visiting a big city, it is better to sometimes enjoy the town life. A vacation at a small town which is full of natural beauties will give you a soothing break.
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Let's explore 10 of the most beautiful small towns in Michigan.

1: Traverse City

Traverse City
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/zenmasterdod

Traverse City is one of the best destinations for the people who loves to engage themselves in the outdoor recreational activities. It is the best small town in America with a lot of opportunities for bike riding, paddle boarding and hiking. You can go for shopping and visit vineyards. It is called a “foodie town” due to the variety of food available.

Address: Traverse City, MI

2: Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor
Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia/Traveler100

This small town is the home of the University of Michigan. It is the best place to enjoy summer days. Due to its heavy trees present in the parks and the residential area, the town is also known as “tree town”. You can engage yourself in many outdoor activities like picnicking or exploring the nature. The land of Ann Arbor faces the Huron River. Many of the parks has the borders attached to the river.

Address: Ann Arbor, MI
Website: www.a2gov.org

3: South Haven

South Haven
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/H. Michael Miley

The South Haven town of Michigan has seven beaches. You can enjoy the beauty of nature on these beaches. Go for a boating trip or relax on the beach. The town is full of different dining locations, antique shops, art galleries, museums and markets. It also has the state’s oldest resorts and hotels. South heaven is an overall package to enjoy the village town with a lot of activities.

Address: South Haven, MI

4: Marquette

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/David Wilson

This small town is located alongside the Lake Superior. The city has two famous beaches i.e. McCarty’s Cove and South Beach Park. You can enjoy leisure activities in the town like fishing, skiing and golfing. The town also has the top biking destination of the state. Marquette is full of walking paths. You can enjoy the range of festivals like concerts, old cars or blueberries which are conducted in the town.

Address: Marquette, MI
Website: www.mqtcty.org

5: Holland

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia/BazookaJoe

Holland is a land of pure Michigan delight. A place where you dot need a passport. It is located in the Lakes Michigan and Macatawa. The place is a combination of the experiences of a small town with the facilities or a big city. You can enjoy the vacation at Holland with any style you like. Have a dinner in a cozy café or at open air places. Shop your favorite stuff and specialties of the town like wooden shoes from the variety of shops. The place has an award winning downtown. You can have a pleasure of seeing a Dutch town and a modern college campus at the same time. Enjoy a perfect sun set on the beach of Lake Michigan. Attend a festival, go to a movie, visit an art gallery or go for a symphony performance. You will have all of this at one place.

Address: Holland, MI
Website: www.holland.org

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