Top 10 Places to Visit when Traveling with your Pet in the USA

When most people choose to go on a vacation, they want to take their entire family with. For many, pets are just as important to the family as anyone else and it would be nearly impossible to leave them behind while traveling. The problem, however, is that some areas aren't as pet-friendly, making them less than ideal to visit with your pet. Luckily, there are hundreds of places you, your family, and your pet will enjoy, with the following 10 offering the most fun for everyone involved.

1: Orcas Island, Washington

Orcas Island, Washington
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/ozmafan

Perhaps one of the most common types of vacations to take with your pet is an adventure-filled one in which you explore the outdoors together. Whether it is just you and your pooch or your whole family, you will enjoy the wilderness on Orcas Island. Turtleback Mountain Preserve is the perfect place to hike with your dog, as long as you keep him on the leash. Or you can go to the off-leash dog park in Eastsound where your pooch will make new friends or simply go for a swim together along North Beach.

Address: Orcas Island, WA 98245

2: Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins, Colorado
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If you aren't sure whether you want to enjoy the outdoors or in-town attractions, bring your pet with you to Fort Collins. There are nearby preserves, such as Horsetooth Reservoir for hiking and swimming. Most people visit Fort Collins to go to the breweries, however. Luckily, the majority of breweries welcome dogs, as long as you stay on the patio and Funwerks Brewery and the New Belgium Brewery both allow dogs inside the tasting room, making them great options no matter the weather.

Address: Fort Collins, CO

3: Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas
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Pet owners who want to have a standard vacation filled with eating out, shopping, and enjoying a new city should visit Austin. This town is incredibly pet-friendly and you will quickly notice that most restaurants let your dog sit with you on their outside patios and many retailers will allow well-behaved pooches in their stores. There are also more than 15 off-leash dog parks to give your pooch the chance to blow off some steam after being on his best behavior.

Address: Austin, TX

4: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod, Massachusetts
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Although there are some restrictions, just because you want to travel with your pet doesn't mean resort areas such as Cape Cod are off limits. Just pay attention to dog restrictions on the beaches, as some don't allow your pooch. Eastham, Wellfleet, and Truro Beaches will let you take your dog to any area that hasn't been designated for humans to swim. If you are in good shape, you can take your dog for a long walk along the Cape Cod Rail Trail, which connects multiple dog-friendly beach towns and has food and water along the path.

Address: Cape Cod, MA

5: Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach, Oregon
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/elisfanclub

Most pet owners find it easy to travel with smaller breeds, but even large dogs will have a great time in Cannon Beach. This enchanting town is filled with cedar trees and you will notice that an incredible number of restaurants welcome pets at their outdoor tables while many hotels let you bring your pooch. Visit the northernmost part of the beach, which is across from Ecola Creek's knee-deep mouth to let your dog run around. Just remember to either keep him on a leash or have him voice-trained.

Address: Cannon Beach, OR

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