Top 10 Weekend Getaways in Wisconsin

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What do While Wandering Wisconsin

Known as America’s dairyland or the Badger State, Wisconsin is a state of many wonders! It is the proud home to a number of unique and creative cities that reinvent the rules to a weekend getaway. Spend the day in the springs soaking up the relaxation, or feel the thrill of an amusement park all within one great state!

Wisconsin has a number of cities ready to show visitors a good time, but it can often be hard to narrow down the search for the top choices. Check out this list of the top 10 weekend getaways in Wisconsin for a guide to your next vacation.

Best Weekend Getaways in Wisconsin

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1: Milwaukee


Milwaukee is one of the most prominent cities in all of Wisconsin and frequents the number 1 spot on any bucket list of the state. Milwaukee is mostly known for being one of the best locations in the United States for breweries.

Whether you’re interested in a full tour, or just an ice-cold glass, Milwaukee will deliver with the best in brew! However, if you’re looking for more of a family friendly affair, Milwaukee can do that too. Visit the Mitchell Park Horticulture Conservatory or the Milwaukee County Zoo to see all that makes this city special.

Address: Milwaukee, WI

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2: Waukesha

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For that perfect weekend getaway in the wilderness, go to Waukesha! Waukesha is a massive conglomerate of all things natural beauty. From lush forests like the Kettle Moraine to the dazzling comfort of the Springs Water Park, Waukesha is a traveler’s paradise.

Lace up your hiking boots and take the road less traveled down one of the hundreds of paths that wind through the outskirts of this city. Hike, walk, bike, or just relax in the effortless beauty that is Waukesha!

Address: Waukesha, WI

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3: Madison

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Take your vacation in the capital city! Madison is the beautiful heart of Wisconsin and has no shortage of activities to enjoy the weekend at. It is also the proud home to the University of Wisconsin, which has some of the liveliest football games in the state.

For year-round fun check out the Henry Vilas Zoo, and the Wisconsin State Capitol. And be sure not to miss the Olbrich Botanical Gardens come full bloom. This is an indoor and outdoor celebration of all things botany.

Address: Madison, WI

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4: Kenosha

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Kenosha is the city for all families! It is a charming lakeside town that really makes a community out of a city. Kenosha is a sprawling expanse of educational and interactive fun in the form of the Dinosaur Discovery Museum, the Petrifying Springs Park, and even the place of all candy land dreams: the Jelly Belly Center! That’s right, nostalgia and new age come together to entertain all tourists in this world class walk through of the Jelly Belly Candy Company.

Address: Kenosha, WI

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5: Racine

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Visit Lake Michigan’s stunning shores! Racine is found on the banks of this iconic Great Lake and makes good use of all her beauty. Racine North Beach is a popular destination for a day in the waves, or a simple afternoon sleeping under the sun. There are other title attractions such as the Windpoint Lighthouse and the Racine Zoo that see numerous tourists and locals alike daily.

Address: Racine, WI

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6: Eau Claire

Eau Claire

Bon voyage in Eau Claire! This proud Wisconsin city is high on any list of weekend getaways for numerous reasons. Not only is there enough to keep even the most restless of travelers entertained, but the food scene is exquisite.

Try one of the many top rated eateries in town and don’t forget to ask about house specials! Eau Claire is incredibly unique in the state for being home to such attractions as Carson Park, and the Chaos Water Park. Eau Claire is the perfect place to getaway that’s fun for the whole family.

Address: Eau Claire, WI

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7: Oshkosh


Oshkosh is a sprawling city that stretches for miles of Wisconsin shoreline. On the banks of Lake Winnebago, you can wake up to the morning beauty of the water. Oshkosh is also one of the friendliest towns in the state for tourists.

Even if you come without a plan, you’re sure to find your next favorite place just by asking one of the numerous helpful locals. If you like to have a game plan beforehand then check out the EAA Aviation Museum, the Paine Art Center and Gardens, and the Menominee Park Zoo.

Address: Oshkosh, WI

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8: Appleton


Appleton is a great choice for those looking for a city not too big and not too small. Appleton is just right for that relaxing weekend away. There are nature preserve’s to traverse through and interactive museums to keep the busy minds of children interested.

Check out the Hearthstone Historic House for a glimpse at the first hydroelectric powered house in the world. Appleton is even the proud home to one of the most interesting attractions in the state: The History Museum at the Castle. Aside from already being unique by using a castle as a museum building, this location even has a legendary Houdini exhibit to explore.

Address: Appleton, WI

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9: Green Bay

Green Bay
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More than just a football team! Green Bay is actually a city chock full of nature, culture, and history just waiting to be explored. The Green Bay Botanical Gardens are a lush display of all things Wisconsin wildlife. Also, The National Railroad Museum shows how the history of America was moved by train tracks, and offers numerous exhibits to venture through Still want more? Then check out Green Bay’s premiere amusement park: Bay Beach! This city has so much to do be it seasonal Packers games, or a sunny, family day at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. Explore all your options in Green Bay, Wisconsin!

Address: Green Bay, WI

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10: Janesville

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Find the definition of R&R in the quiet calm of Janesville! Janesville is one of the best places in Wisconsin to venture out for its fascinating attractions. The Rotary Botanical Gardens is 20 acres of lush, Wisconsin beauty and the Riverside Park follows the bank of the Rock River for miles. For history buffs, be sure to check out the Lincoln-Tallman House which once hosted U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

Address: Janesville, WI

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