Top 10 Weekend Getaways in Pennsylvania

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Exploring the State of Independence

Commonly referred to as the Constitution State, Pennsylvania is the jack of all cities! There are cute, charming small towns where the locals greet you as neighbors, and big, sprawling cities where an adventure arises around every corner. Pennsylvania is one of the best places in the country to go for a relaxing getaway, and with so many options it can seem hard to choose! To help get you on your way to your dream vacay, check out this list of the top ten weekend getaways in Pennsylvania.

Best Weekend Getaways in Pennsylvania

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1: Philadelphia

The ultimate big city weekend getaway! Philadelphia is a charming city with everything you’ll need to make your weekend great. Interested in history? Check out the Liberty Bell or Constitution hall! Interested in culture? Check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art or the Magic Gardens! Looking for the best food in the state? There’s literally an entire brand of sandwiches named after this city! Philadelphia is also known for its incredible St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas celebrations, so if you’re looking to go where the party is, consider visiting during a holiday weekend! Whatever you choose, Philadelphia is sure to impress.

Address: Philadelphia, PA

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2: Pittsburgh

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Make your weekend getaway memorable by stopping by Pittsburgh! Pittsburgh is a bustling, lively city found in Western Pennsylvania with many attractions to visit. Check out the Philips Conservatory or the Pittsburgh Zoo if you like your activities with just a little bit of learning. Or, visit the Andy Warhol museum to explore the inspiration of the famed artist. Finish off your stellar weekend with a hike through Point State Park, and always remember Pittsburgh as your favorite vacation.

Address: Pittsburgh, PA

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3: Valley Forge

Valley Forge
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Onwards to one of the most prominent sites in Pennsylvania! Valley Forge, among other things, is primarily known for being the proud location of George Washington’s Headquarters. Here the revolutionary war leader planned and commanded the army that would eventually win America its independence. This makes for a wonderful stop on any American history buffs tour list. Not to mention, this city is also home to Valley Forge’s National Historical Park. This is a sprawling expanse of golden land for all nature fans to adventure.

Address: Valley Forge, PA

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4: York

Looking for a bit more history? You’re in luck with York! This is a city with incredibly well preserved history that truly honors and displays the rich culture that came about in the Northeast. There are numerous cultural sites to explore such as the Colonial Complex or the York County History Museum. Not only is this a site of rich pre-independence American history, but you can also explore the various influences this side of the country felt over the years. No better is this reflected than in the Golden Plough Tavern, with a rich German preservation to enjoy.

Address: York County, PA

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Found on the banks of Lake Erie, this city is worth the hype! Here you can visit the shoreline of one of the Great Lakes in the United States and enjoy all that there is on the water. There is sailing, beaches, lagoons, and all sorts of outdoor adventures to explore here. Not to mention a couple of fun maritime museums and even a zoo. Erie is a town where you can truly do it all. Both the outdoor, path less taken route and the family day fun. Make the most out of your weekend and visit Erie, PA!

Address: Erie, PA

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6: Harrisburg

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Take your weekend getaway in the beautiful Pennsylvania state capital! Here in Harrisburg you can explore all things state government. The Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex is a stunning work of architecture in the middle of the city and draws numbers of tourists to its door every day. The State Museum of Pennsylvania is also located in Harrisburg and is one of the top rated attractions in the area. If you’re more a fan of natural wonders, check out City Island for a stunning view of the river that runs through town.

Address: Harrisburg, PA

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7: Hershey

Chocolate lovers of the world unite! Hershey is a sprawling area in Pennsylvania dedicated to the wonders of Hershey chocolate. Spend the weekend riding rollercoasters, visiting museums, and of course, eating chocolate! Had your fill? Stop by the ZooAmerica in Hershey to see some of the cute creatures in this wildlife habitat.

Address: Hershey, PA

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8: Gettysburg

The iconic and historic old town immortalized by Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address” is one of the best cities in all of Pennsylvania to visit. There are full city tours that will take you from historic landmark to historic landmark, and several private home museums to visit along the way. Everything here is a rich part of American history and draws hundreds of history buffs to its borders. Gettysburg is one city you won’t want to miss in Pennsylvania if you want to relive some of the moments that shaped American history.

Address: Gettysburg, PA

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9: Lancaster

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Lancaster is the perfect city for a relaxing and interesting weekend in Pennsylvania. Lancaster is primarily known for the Amish population that calls it home. There is an Amish Farm and House available for touring as well as a village that doubles as a popular tourist attraction. There is also an amusement park right in the heart of Lancaster. Check out Dutch Wonderland if you want to have some fast paced, energetic family fun for the day! Finish off your weekend by slowing things down at the Strasburg Rail Road for some of the best views in the city.

Address: Lancaster, PA

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10: Pocono Mountains

Pocono Mountains
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Take the ultimate vacation! The best place to relax is deep in the most beautiful forests of Pennsylvania. You’ll spend your time here wishing you never have to leave. The Poconos are nationally recognized as being one of the most lush and vibrant forests in the country, with countless diverting paths and trails to take for every kind of traveler. There are steep inclines for those who like a little sweat on their brow, and charming, sunlight strolls for those just looking to relax with the fresh air in the wilderness. There’re even waterfalls nearby. Check out Bushkill Falls for one of the most stunning views in Pennsylvania.

Address: Pocono Mountains, PA

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