Top 10 Weekend Getaways in Kentucky

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Breezing through the Bluegrass State

Known for derby and fried chicken, Kentucky is a state just waiting to show you more! It is a city that lives up to all expectations, as well as surpassing a few. Here you can visit some of the most prominent sites in civil war history, or venture through some of the most breathtaking nature reserves.

It is a great place to go if you are looking for a bit of fun for your Friday without feeling like you’ll have to break the bank.

There are plenty of affordable, and exciting adventures awaiting in the Bluegrass State! Check out this list of the top 10 weekend getaways in Kentucky to get on your way.

Best Weekend Getaways in Kentucky

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1: Louisville


As one of the most popular cities in all of Kentucky, Louisville is one stop you’re going to want to make! It is the proud home to several iconic landmarks such as the Churchill Downs, where the Kentucky Derby takes place, the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.

Catch a baseball game while in town to experience the true energy of this incredible city! Or, slow things down and visit the Waterfront Park for stunning views of the lake. Whatever you choose, you’ll know Louisville was the right option for your Kentucky weekend getaway.

Address: Louisville, KY

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2: Newport


This is one of the best destinations in all of Kentucky to go for that treasured weekend getaway! There is more than enough here to keep visitors entertained, and a welcoming, friendly population that will make you want to stay.

Some of their best known attractions are: the Newport Aquarium, the John A. Roebling suspension bridge, and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. It also borders Ohio, so take a day trip into Cincinnati if you want to see one of the finest art museums in the area.

Address: Newport, KY

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3: Hopkinsville

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A whole lot of fun for everyone! Here in Hopkinsville, everyone is welcome! Those looking to pay respects to some of America’s dark history will be drawn to the Cherokee Trail of Tears Commemorative Park.

Those looking for a further look at all the history available in Hopkinsville will find all day fun in the Museums of Historic Hopkinsville-Christian County.

And those looking for a bit of good tasting fun should check out the Casey Jones Distillery! Truly one city you won’t want to miss.

Address: Hopkinsville, KY

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4: Georgetown


Georgetown is a great destination for those who want to try a little bit of everything. There is history. Found in the corners of the massive Ward Hall--- a 19th century mansion with daily tours available.

There is lush nature, available for strolling in the famous Yuko-En on the Elkhorn, which is a Japanese Garden to remember! And there is even education, in the form of the Georgetown and Scott County Museum.

All this just covers some of the basics of this beloved Kentucky town, so be sure to be in the spirit of adventure when you land in this city.

Address: Georgetown, KY

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5: Covington

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Found right on the border of Ohio, Covington is a thin, winding city that covers a lot of distance within its city limits. It is home to the architectural masterpiece that is the Holy Cross Church, as well as the Mother of God Roman Catholic Church.

Both are jaw-dropping artistic feats that draw hordes of visitors to their doors every year. Walk around downtown to feel romanced by the small town feel to a big city, and embrace all that you can about the wonderful Covington.

Address: Covington, KY

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Home to history and nature walks, Richmond is one of the best weekend getaways in all of Kentucky! Here there is a massive 19th century mansion available for touring, with an accompanying well-maintained grounds that will have you marveling at the riches of the past.

This is the famous White Hall State Historic Site, and it can only be found in Richmond! This city is also the proud home to Lake Reba, which offers scenic kayaking as well as numerous branching paths to get you just the right amount of sunshine.

Lay out a blanket for a picnic, or watch the sunset over the water--- whatever you choose, you’re sure to go home raving about Richmond!

Address: Richmond, KY

7: Frankfort


Frankfort is the capital city of the great state of Kentucky, and well worth the stop! It is a great place to wander around for a weekend of relaxing, interesting and educational fun.

Visit the Kentucky State Capitol Building for a look at how life moves in this city, and for one of the prettiest feats of architecture to be found in the state.

There is also a Kentucky History Center and Museum open for those looking to learn a little bit more on their stop to this great KY city.

Address: Frankfort, KY

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8: Owensboro


A great place to bring the whole family! Owensboro is one of the leading Kentucky destinations that is fun for all ages! Here you can venture into one of the many parks such as Smothers or Yellow Creek Park, or stroll through the beauty of the Western Kentucky Botanical Garden.

Be sure to get in some culture and stop by the Owensboro Museum of Science and History for a fun, interactive, and educational stop on your tour of Kentucky.

Address: Owensboro, KY

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Famous for being one of the landmark spots in the civil war. It has since dedicated numerous museums and historic sites to the events that surround the war, as well as improvements to keep up with modernity.

Bowling Green is a great place to go for car and transportation enthusiasts! It is the proud home to the National Corvette Museum as well as the Historic RailPark and Train Museum.

It also offers boat tours in its breathtakingly beautiful limestone caves at the Lost River Cave! In Bowling Green, there’s a little bit of everything.

Address: Bowling Green, KY

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10: Lexington


One of the best cities in the country for Southern hospitality, Lexington is an essential stop in Kentucky! It is known for the Kentucky Horse Park and the Mary Todd Lincoln House, although it is the proud home to numerous other attractions.

The Aviation Museum of Kentucky draws hundreds of tourists to its doors, and the Waveland State Historic Site is visited by locals and travelers alike. Lexington is a great city to visit if you want to have a weekend full of nonstop fun in Kentucky.

Address: Lexington, KY

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