10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Colorado

6: Telluride

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Woody Hibbard

"Stunning" is a good word to describe Telluride and its surrounding area. Incredible mountains, sheer cliffs, tumbling falls, and glacial lakes are just a few of the natural wonders you can access from this town. Within the town, the historic district offers plenty to enjoy in the way of dining and shopping.

Address: Telluride, Colorado

7: Ouray

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/jmonkeyq

Although Ouray offers the typical Colorado skiing and hiking activities, it also draws tourism for some unique aspects of its geography. The town features ice climbing in the winter and hot springs in the summer. The town is beautiful, with the majority of the town retaining its classic Victorian architecture.

Address: Ouray, Colorado

8: Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Jason Cipriani

Glenwood Springs is a small town located on the banks of the Colorado and Roaring Fork Rivers in a verdant Colorado valley. This lovely community has always drawn visitors because of its natural springs, but lately it has undergone changes that have brought about gentrification and growth. It is a college town, boasting two schools and a high student population. It also has a thriving arts scene, and has even been voted one of the best art towns in Colorado.

Address: Glenwood Springs, CO

9: Breckenridge


With under 5000 residents, this small Colorado town captures the quintessential feel of small town, USA. The town is close to a ski area, and it is also a great place for fly fishing and hiking. The Blue River, not far from the town center, offers plenty of summer fun, while winter brings the annual snow festival. The yearly film festival is also popular with both visitors and locals.

Address: Breckenridge, CO
Website: www.gobreck.com

10: Trinidad

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/teofilo

Trinidad, Colorado is a world away from the island it was named for. Its mountainous, alpine surroundings offer a dramatic backdrop to this historical trading town. Located between the New Mexican border and Denver on the historic Santa Fe Trail, Trinidad is a great place to stop during road trips.

Address: Trinidad, CO

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