Top 10 Best Places to Go Skydiving in the USA

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Choice skydiving locations can be found around the world, making it possible for everyday people to enjoy this activity without a great deal of training or travel. When you skydive, you will experience thrills while enjoying the best sights. The top areas to skydive will give you breathtaking views on the way down. Here is a list of 10 of the top skydiving locations in the USA.

Best Places to Skydive in the US

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1: Molalla, Oregon

Molalla, Oregon
Flickr/Skydive Oregon
If green is your color, come to Molalla to see green all around as you fall from the sky. The green may be capped with white as you view mountains Hood, Rainier, St. Helens, the Three Sisters, and occasionally, Shasta. How often can you view mountains in three states all at the same time? Oregon weather is variable, and there is no jumping during rains or on cloudy days. If the sky is only partly cloudy, and the clouds are high above Mt. Hood, jumps may be allowed. It's wise to call ahead to check weather conditions.

Address: 12150 OR-211, Molalla, OR 97038

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2: Snohomish, Washington

Snohomish, Washington
Snohomish has been called one of the best six places in the world from which to skydive. Falling from several thousand feet in the air, one can take in Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier, and the San Juan Islands when choosing this pristine jump location in western Washington. Located about 30 miles north of Seattle, Snohomish lies just east of Puget Sound, affording the most discriminating skydiver unparalleled views of the Cascade Mountain Range, and the towns that lie nestled between the mountains and the sea. Who knows - maybe you'll even spot the Space Needle!

Address: 9906 Airport Way, Snohomish, WA 98296

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3: San Diego, California

San Diego, California
There is a great drop zone located in the lovely Otay River Valley some 25 miles southeast of San Diego. Far enough away from the city to be safe and enjoyable, it is nevertheless situated to afford great vistas both on the way up and on the way down. Places the skydiver want to look for on the way down include the Otay River, Lower Otay Lake, San Diego, the Pacific Ocean, and possibly even Mexico, as the border is less than 10 miles away. San Diego weather is nearly perfect a good portion of the year, so this is a great place to enjoy skydiving most any time of year.

Address: 13531 Otay Lakes Rd, Jamul, CA 91935

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4: Kalispell, Montana

Kalispell, Montana
In Kalispell, Montana even a first-time skydiver can enjoy great modern facilities, professional instructors, and the Big Sky Country of Montana. Licensed skydivers and beginners alike will appreciate the fine facilities, quality aircraft, and amenities available and designed to please. There is a network of drop zones that are geared to both the student and the experienced skydiver. A first-time skydiver can jump in tandem with a licensed skydiver for a safe, fun experience. Many skydiving facilities offer a video of your jump for a fee. This is a great way to preserve your skydiving experience for future enjoyment.

Address: 3175 Lower Lost Prairie Rd, Marion, MT 59925

5: Wasilla, Alaska

Wasilla, Alaska
Prepare to be wowed as you freefall from an aircraft that has carried you into the Alaska sky. See magnificent Denali, Cook Inlet, ice-blue glaciers, rugged snowy mountains, and all the wild beauty Alaska has to offer. You may even be able to spot a reindeer at a nearby reindeer farm. You'll be the one doing the flying, however. There are professionals that will help you book, plan, and execute your first or your 100th jump. They will also help you choose a drop zone near Wasilla. Tandem dives are available for beginners, as are lessons to become a certified skydiver in Alaska.

Address: Wasilla, AK 99654

6: Hurricane, Utah

Hurricane, Utah
For an unforgettable experience, see Zion National Park from an altitude of between 10,000 and 14,000 feet. Landing in Zion NP is prohibited, but you will be able to see the entire park at 120 mph! Desert-red cliffs contrast with the green of the valley floor, filling your senses with the peace of the desert and the adrenalin rush of falling from the sky. Enjoy the warm, dry air of southern Utah as you drift earthward over the spectacular Utah desert and canyon country. The weather in southern Utah is suitable for skydiving year-round.

Address: 1 Airport Rd, Hurricane, UT 84737

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7: Sebastian, Florida

Sebastian, Florida
Located less than 100 miles southeast of Orlando and 157 miles north of Miami, Sebastian is on the east coast of Florida. Experience the amazing beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, Sebastian Inlet, Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge, and the Indian River. This area affords the most scenic skydiving experience in all of Florida. Balmy temperatures, sunshine, beautiful scenery, and the Florida Treasure Coast all combine to make this an unforgettable dive location. When you finally come back down to earth, maybe you'll want to do some beachcombing, and keep your eyes open for lost treasure from the 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet shipwreck.

Address: 400 Airport Dr W, Sebastian, FL 32958

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8: Wailua, Hawaii

Wailua, Hawaii
To get the same view of Pearl Harbor that the Japanese pilots had on that fateful December day, try skydiving at Wailua, Hawaii. The entire island of Oahu will be seen from 13,000 feet, along with the North Shore, northwest to Kaena Point, to the southeast is Pearl Harbor, and even all the way down to Diamond Head. Closer at hand is Kamokila Hawaiian Village, Opaeka'a Falls, and Fern Grotto, all wonderful places to explore after you land. Blue skies, tropical air, the Pacific Ocean, and all the beauties that Hawaii is famous for will make this skydive one that you will want to repeat over and over again.

Address: 68-760 Farrington Hwy, Waialua, HI, United

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9: Longmont, Colorado

Longmont, Colorado
A mere 15 1/2 miles south of Loveland and about 35 miles northwest of Denver, Longmont is another top choice place to skydive. From the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Long's Peak, to the green farmlands that surround Longmont, the skydiver will not lack for beautiful views to feast his/her eyes on while descending gently to earth via parachute. On the east side of the Rocky Mountains, the plains of the Midwest open up to the skydiver's view, giving a study in contrasts. This is probably a location to choose in the summertime, unless you really like cold weather. The air at 12,000+ feet can be chilly anytime, but in winter in Colorado, it can be downright cold.

Address: 8700 St Vrain Rd, Longmont, CO 80503

10: Monterey, California

Monterey, California
If the ocean is your "sweet spot," then try Monterey Bay, California, for an incredible thrill in skydiving. On the way up in the aircraft, views of Monterey Bay, the Salinas Valley, Santa Cruz, and of course, the Pacific Ocean will be your eye candy. Touted as the greatest meeting of sky, sea, and land, the Monterey Peninsula provides spectacular views both as you ride up and as you float down. Watch for Carmel-By-The-Sea and other coastal towns, the coastal hills, and the patchwork farmlands as you cruise through the mild California air.

Address: 721 Neeson Rd #1, Marina, CA 93933

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