Top 10 Best Places to Celebrate Halloween in the USA

Looking to enjoy Halloween in the most haunted, scariest, and craziest manner? Check out the 10 best places in the US to celebrate the year’s scariest holiday!

1: Keene Pumpkin Festival, Keene, New Hampshire

Keene Pumpkin Festival, Keene, New Hampshire

Horror stories, a bunch of magical creatures and many others entertainment units are waiting for you at Keene Pumpkin Festival. Be sure to visit it on Halloween and you'll get the whole box full of nice memories and unforgettable feelings. Schedule of the festival involves parades, huge sales, food & beverages tastings, concerts and many others activities to take part in. You can choose from the variety of costumes and dress up as a wicked witch or welcoming elf and participate in costume parade.

Address: Downtown Laconia, NH

2: Village Halloween Parade, New York

Village Halloween Parade, New York
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Peter T

Annual Village Halloween Parade has become more than usual celebration of Halloween, rather it is the whole tradition of having lots of fun, surprises and amazing adventures. More than millions of spectators go outside just to see this 1-mile chain of dressed up in various costumes people. It is recognized as the biggest Halloween parade in the world, which include singers, bands, circus performers and puppets. It's becoming more and more popular through years and each year there's a specific theme of the parade. 2014 year's topic is "The Garden of Earthly Delights!". Be sure to check it out!

Address: Red Hook, NY 12571

3: West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval, California

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval, California
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/.Martin.

A lot of fun on October 31 can bring you visiting the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval, California. Thousands of people, who are strolling around main streets in a huge parade dedicated to Halloween fest. You can enjoy amazing show, fireworks and food vendors all night long. We would advise to book the hotel room long before the festival takes place as there are so many tourists, who are eager to become a part of Halloween Carnaval.

Address: 8687 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069

4: Festival of the Dead, Salem, Massachusetts

Festival of the Dead, Salem, Massachusetts
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/masstravel

You just love mysteries? Adore horror stories? Wait for Halloween with great anticipation? Then welcome to the Festival of the Dead, Salem, Massachusetts, where you would have a great opportunity to get answers to all your questions about magical rituals and world of spirits. You can visit many paranormal workshops, travel through time, understand souls of the dead and share your own experiences. Celebrate Halloween with food festivals, music, bonfires and the unique taste of adventure.

Address: 155 Essex St, Salem, MA 01970

5: Chicagoween, Chicago, Illinois

Chicagoween, Chicago, Illinois

Another exciting place to visit during Halloween celebration is Chicagoween in Illinois. Chicago just loves this festival, so people start preparing a long time before the actual event takes place. Streets are decorated with pumpkins, water in fountains is dyed into yellow and orange colors, buildings are covered with witches' images and that makes city even more attractive and covered with mystical spirit. You can join many events these days in Chicago and collect great memories.

Address: Daley Plaza IL

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