10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Alabama

6: Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/faunggs photos

It’s all about the sand and the water in Gulf Shores and many people visit to cruise the ocean by boat while fishing or swim in the warm waters of the Gulf. This town knows that the best time to be out on the water is at sunset and they have numerous fishing boats and cruise boats that take people out to watch for that perfect sunset. Every May, the town holds a three-day festival on the beach. The Hangout Music Festival is filled with music of different genres on two main stages as well as multiple smaller ones.

Address: Gulf Shores, Alabama

7: Mentone


Mountain villages are filled with beautiful scenery and Mentone does not disappoint with their mountain top views and amazing waterfalls. The Desoto Falls are 104 feet high and the water cascades down into an emerald colored pool. The best shopping can be done at the Log Cabin Craft Village where everyone can purchase handmade items and souvenirs. The shops are in log cabins and the most popular items for sale are hand-carved cigar store wooden Indians, pottery, and jewelry. Everyone needs to experience a service at a church on a mountainside and St. Joseph’s on the Mountain with its stained-glass windows doesn’t disappoint.

Address: Mentone, Alabama

8: Magnolia Springs

Magnolia Springs
Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia/Chris Pruitt

Magnolia Springs is surrounded by the pure waters that make up the Magnolia River and many of the houses within the town have exquisite magnolia trees planted in the yards. Both St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and Moore’s Grocery are on the National Register of Historic Places, so they are both places that everyone needs to visit. The Alabama Historic Marker is a must read before eating lunch or dinner at Jesse’s Restaurant.

Address: Magnolia Springs, Alabama

9: Orange Beach

Orange Beach
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Rian Castillo

Orange Beach is as East as a person can go when on the Gulf of Mexico in Alabama. The miles of sand only add to the ambiance of this wonderful town. Many people will spend some time swimming in the water before taking a cruise to find some dolphins playing in the Gulf. The best entertainment can be found on the four islands that make up the Orange Beach Islands and these islands can be reached by boat, kayak, or jet ski.

Address: Orange Beach, Alabama

10: Mountain Brook

Mountain Brook
Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia/Robert Donovan

One of the most affluent places to live in Alabama is Mountain Brook and shopping seems to be a favorite local pastime. The five shopping districts include Cahaba Village, Crestline Village, English Village, Mountain Brook Village, and Overton Village. When people are not shopping, they can be found walking throughout the town on one of the many popular walkways.

Address: Mountain Brook, Alabama

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