Top 5 Places to Visit in the USA on a Budget

Top 5 Places to Visit in the USA on a Budget

The only thing better than traveling is traveling without it costing an arm, a leg, and some pretty expensive plane tickets. And although it may seem like a pretty fantasy and nothing more, it is possible! Especially within the United States! There are numerous cities with so much to offer comfortable prices just waiting to be explored! So, check out these top 5 places to visit on a budget.

1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is one of the best cities to travel on a budget because of all the opportunities for free adventuring. It is a city with deep roots in history and as such has many landmarks and historical parks that are available for free viewing.

While staying directly in the city may not be in the price range desired, there are a few neighborhoods just outside the city limits that come in at a comfortable rate. Check out Airbnb and other private homestays for more deals, and look into getting a bus or train pass to get back to the city.

Flights to Philadelphia are also fairly cheap depending on where you are flying from. Most places on the East coast and a good portion of the mid-west is relatively cheap to fly into Philadelphia International Airport. People in the West may find prices to be a bit steep, but considering this is a popular destination, there is a lot of competition flying through here. This lowers down the price and makes flights to Philadelphia affordable.

2. Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City is nationally recognized as one of the cheapest places to travel and enjoy. It has all the essentials: cheap overnight stays, cheap transportation, and cheap attractions! Here you can get comfortably by on any number of budgets, and make it fun to boot! Kansas City is a great place to visit without having to worry about your bank account afterward.

One of the best parts about flights to Kansas City is that it is so centrally located. That means no matter where you are flying from in the United States, it should be a relatively cheap and short flight. Kansas City International Airport also deals with a high frequency of inbound and outbound flights which means that the market is highly competitive.

This means more options in both flight vendors and flight times to Kansas City. Generally, flights to Missouri are known to be exceptionally cheap, and even the attractions in the city don’t tend to cross the double dollar sign marker.

3. Denver, Colorado

Denver is another great option for budget traveling because there are several ways to travel for cheap here. Some hotels close to the city can be found right under the $100 mark, and even less the farther you go from the city center. While not all activities are considered ‘cheap’, there is a wide variety of options in Denver.

You might have to spend a few bucks here or there but it is not one of those cities you will have to constantly pull out your wallet for if you know where to look. It is a city with many key centerpieces such as museums, art galleries, and maybe most prominently: breweries. While most are not free, Denver is pretty good at keeping its costs user-friendly.

Flights to Denver primarily center on Southwest, United, and Frontier Airlines. It is a fairly competitive market which keeps the prices from rising too far up. Due to proximity alone, it is cheaper to fly from the West or mid-west into Denver, although rates in the East are not known for being absurd. The best option here is to gauge the market and fly on the off-seasons or days. This means choosing a flight on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and leaving either incredibly early in the morning or very late at night.

4. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a little bit of sun and aren’t really drawn to beach states. It is unique in the fact that it is covered by desert lands and scorching temperatures and still ranks as one of the best budget-friendly cities.

Phoenix is a great option for budget travelers as much of the entertainment revolves around outdoor activities. Things such as hiking, climbing, and sightseeing all this can be done wither for very cheap, or for free. This will include some transportation costs as there are not many public transportation options to national parks or nature reserves, but it is far less costly than other organized events.

Flights to Phoenix fall on the low range because this city is considered a Southwest hub. It regularly deals with high numbers of inbound and outbound flights from all over the country and has quite a few affordable options. Flying in the summer may cost more as people flock to the warm weather, so if you really want to fly for less try going during the offseason. You’ll have more options of where to stay as well, just be sure to book early!

5. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is one of the best places in the United States for budget travelers. Here a wide variety of its premier attractions are not only free but easily accessible. First and more prominently is the Alamo. While there are some guided tour options that cost money, The Alamo is free to walk around in and learn a bit of history.

There is also a charming riverside walk that is quite popular as well as a lively downtown that is free to walk around. The options for overnight stays are fairly cheap, although the best deals can be found from independent homestays like Airbnb.

Flights to San Antonio are not considered expensive although they will probably feature a layover. Depending on where you are coming from, most airlines will send you through a popular airport hub like Colorado or Dallas before sending you to the airport in San Antonio. There are regular flights to San Antonio from all over the country, giving you a plethora of options. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to make some memories in San Antonio!