Top 10 Things To Do in Grand Teton National Park

Top 10 Things To Do in Grand Teton National Park

The amazing Grand Teton National Park is located in the northwest part of Wyoming. The Teton mountain range surrounds the National Park. The highest peak is the notable Grand Teton peak, which is 4,000 meters above sea level. Additionally, Jackson Hole is the most famous valley in Teton National Park. In case you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway, visiting Grand Teton will undoubtedly become one of the best experiences you’ve ever had.

People who live close by tend to spend a lot of their free time in this National Park since it provides incredible opportunities for them to relax and enjoy various sports and recreational features. Mountaineering is incredibly popular at Teton mounting range, and the entire National Park has an incredible selection of activities to offer to anyone who visits.

Some of the most popular ones are fishing, hiking, mountaineering, backcountry camping, etc. Grand Teton is linked to Yellowstone National park, which is close by.

That said, here are some of the most exciting and best things to do in Grand Teton:

1. The Snake River Raft Trip

If you’re a bit of an adrenalin lover or if you’d like to enjoy an adventurous raft ride on Jackson Hole’s unique and incredibly scenic river, you’re up for a treat. One of the incredible things this serene part of the river provides to its visitors is that you’ll float down on the raft without paddling. The effortless float down the river allows people to enjoy the scenery and look at the wildlife passing by the banks.

People who want to enjoy the view of nature and wildlife from the comfort of the raft will have an incredible time taking this tour. However, this tour is not the only one on the water in Grand Teton. Other water bodies within the park will provide visitors with a jaw-dropping experience. One of them is the number one lake to visit in Teton National Park, which is discussed below.

2. Incredible Jenny Lake At Grand Teton

Jenny Lake is the top priority attraction for anyone who likes to enjoy nature by the lake and spend their free time on some available activities like fishing, swimming, paddling, or even a boat ride. The lake is about 2 miles long, with a depth of around 250 feet. The sheer beauty of the lake and its unique location beneath the mountains make for an astonishing sight.

Thanks to its untouched and incredible nature, Jenny Lake and its surrounding area is one of the top spots for both professional and recreational photographers. Numerous photoshoots take place each day, and some of the pictures taken at the lake remind us of the ones we can only see on TV or in travel and nature magazines.

Another essential activity around Jenny Lake is the one-and-a-half-mile hike suited for anyone. If you’re up for putting your muscles to work a bit more, there’s another seven-and-a-half-mile-long walk. The hiking itself is much more comfortable with all the magnificent views of nature surrounding you. Additionally, there are other hiking tours around the Teton National Park, and while all of them are incredible, some are a must-see.

3. Hiking Through Various Canyons Is An Experience You’ll Never Forget

As mentioned earlier, hiking is one of the most exciting activities within the Teton National Park. Numerous hiking tours are available, and people tend to decide which one to take upon their visit. However, after finishing the first tour, many realize that they’ll need to return for another since nature is just astounding. Visitors claim that all the hiking in the world couldn’t take their breath away as the beauty of the Teton National Park could.

These short hiking trails are popular because they provide sightseeing for String Lake, the Heron and Swan Ponds, Inspiration Point, Hidden Falls, and others. All of these hikes require up to two hours of hiking, which is an excellent choice for most people who aren’t into hiking as much but would love to see what Grand Teton has to offer.

Moreover, people who love a more extensive hiking experience will undoubtedly be mesmerized if they go down the road of Paintbrush Canyon, Death Canyon, or even Cascade Canyon. All of these provide people with experiences of seeing incredible granite peaks and magnificent, remote lakes. In case you don't like hiking that much, but you prefer being active during your visit to Teton National Park, various other outdoor activities are available, like wildlife viewing.

4. Take A Close but Safe Look At The Park’s Wildlife

Who doesn’t like to share the meadow or the forest shade with some wild animals? Although mingling with wildlife is not advisable, it’s possible to take a closer look at them within their natural habitat throughout the Grand Teton National Park. Visitors say that Grand Teton is one of the best places for wildlife viewing in the US.

People will have a chance to see the incredible variety of wildlife lives in the park. Some of the most frequently spotted animals in the park include bison, moose, eagles, elks, red foxes, bears, and many others. However, if you’re trying to discover the best spot for a safe and distant wildlife viewing, you should ask at the Activity Desk or Visitor Center within the park.

The Activity Desk keeps a frequently updated animal sightseeing log at Jackson Lake Lodge. Besides, the Oxbow Bend, Elk Ranch Flats, and Willow Flats are some of the safest and best wildlife viewing spots. In case you’re more into raw nature, instead of searching for wildlife to take photos, you might want to consider the Naturalist and Ranger Program.

5. The Ranger and Naturalist Program Is Another Exceptional Activity

Some people who visit such a vast national park, like Grand Teton, prefer to have an experienced tour guide or even a ranger. Rangers at the park provide visitors with campfire programs, as well as guided hike tours. These guided hike tours at Teton National Park are no different from those in other state parks in the US.

Local historians and naturalists at Colter Bay Village offer visitors some exceptional complementary programs and tours every day of the week. These programs and tours include Grizzly presentations, historical tours, and raptor programs. Additionally, the Junior Ranger program is designed for kids only. That way, parents can go on their desired trip while their kids will enjoy the program adjusted perfectly for their needs and interests.

6. Jackson Lake Cruise with Dinner For Two (Or More)

 After some time exploring the Grand Teton National Park, people might feel overwhelmed and possibly tired. If that’s the case, you should know there’s also an organized cruise tour on Jackson Lake. The cruise will present the raw and natural beauty of Teton National Park from a different perspective. However, there are two different cruising periods.

The morning cruise includes breakfast menu options like trout, eggs, potatoes, pancakes, fruit, and coffee. The evening cruise includes steak or trout dinner with various side dishes. Whether on a cruise with your loved one or the entire family, you’ll enjoy the whole experience.

7. Horseback Riding for Adventurers

Just talking about horseback riding throughout such an incredible piece of nature can give people goosebumps. However, the offer is real at Grand Teton. Visitors can spend their mornings or afternoons riding a horse throughout the green meadows and plains within the National Park. Several different scenic horseback riding routes will solidify the positive experience you have of the park. The serene and picturesque horseback riding experience itself is entirely different from any other, and it reconnects visitors with nature.

8. Fishing Is Allowed and Welcomed

Fishing in Grand Teton National Park is allowed and a haven for fishing enthusiasts. Organized fishing tours are available at the park, including the tour guide and all the necessary equipment. However, the only thing not provided is the Wyoming fishing license. People can obtain their fishing license in any of the following places: Jackson Town, Colter Bay Marina, or Signal Mountain Marina. Before visiting the park with a desire to go fishing, people should review the Teton National Park fishing guidelines.

9. Mormon Row Is A National Historic Treasure

Visitors who are into historical sightseeing will enjoy visiting the Mormon Row Historic District. Mormon ranch settlers founded the Mormon Row in the late 19th century. The original barns and homesteads are preserved, providing visitors with an incredible historical sightseeing experience. Mormon Row is currently placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors may also enjoy the background scenery that presents the Teton range. However, people may see some antelope or other mammals passing by near the homestead.

10. Rent A Boat for The Ultimate Experience

There’s nothing better than taking your family to Teton National Park, going to the Colter Bay Marina, and renting a motorboat that can fit your entire family. However, if you’re on a weekend getaway with your partner, you may choose the canoe or kayak to explore Half Moon Bay or Colter Bay.

Whatever choice you make, you’ll enjoy some quiet and relaxing time at the lake while your eyes soak in the untamed beauty of Teton National Park. Don’t forget that Colter Bay also has a swimming beach equipped with picnic tables, a grill, and everything needed for a perfect family picnic amid nature.

In Summary

Whether you want your family to enjoy nature or experience an adventure trip, Teton National Park has everything to offer, from hiking trails with incredible landscapes to wildlife viewing. However, many people enjoy horseback riding or even fishing, which are also available at the park. If you’re up for having a family picnic and grill, including swimming in the area's most pristine and clear lakes, you can have it all. Visiting Teton National Park is something no one should miss, given the opportunity.