First-Hand Review and Experience with the Level8 Atlas Aluminium Luggage!

First-Hand Review and Experience with the Level8 Atlas Aluminium Luggage!

If I have to talk about when my outings and trips were ruined because of a problem with my luggage, I can go on. And this is why I am so grateful for the baggage I will mention here.

In other words, what I am now going to present to you is the Atlas aluminum luggage review, so if you are the kind of person who likes traveling, you can understand why the luggage would also be good for you.

That said, if you’ve read so far, you obviously are interested and need excellent luggage, so read on, for this article is for you.

But before that, we shall see how properly unboxing the Level8 Atlas aluminum luggage can surprise you.

Unboxing & First Impressions of Level8 Atlas Aluminum Luggage

The entire journey to buying the Level 8 Atlas luggage was smooth, from when I spotted it on the website to when it reached my doorstep.

The luggage comes well tied up in a carry-on sock. Yet, opening it up was easy; all we had to do was release the knot ( now, this did take some time) to have the luggage quickly slip out of the sock.

And what a first impression it was. We will now tell you what happened when we tested it.

How We Tested the Level8 Atlas Aluminum Luggage?

One of the first things you want to do when slipping the luggage off the pack is spin and spin. This is because I have never unpacked luggage, which gives me a similar feeling.

The next thing I did was to run my hand through the surface. And boy, didn’t I love the texture.

Level8 Atlas Aluminium Luggage

Level8 Atlas - Can You Trust the Brand?

This brand doesn’t just give you some of the most fabulous bags in the form of luggage and backpacks but believes in doing all it can to make travel efficient, be it to the office or an entire vacation to Switzerland.

Remarkable Features and Key Specifications

While we will later have an in-depth look at the features that make the luggage so cool, here are the critical elements in brief.

  • Material - Aerospace-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy
  • Color options - gray and silver
  • Dimensions - 38.1cmL*21.3cmW*55.4cmH / 15''L*8.4''W*21.8''H
  • Weighty - 10lbs
  • Capacity - 36 liters
  • Warranty - Lifetime

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Who Might Like Level8 Atlas Aluminum Luggage?

From our experience, this is the kind of luggage for those who are into traveling. This is more so if you are one of the adventurous types, as the rugged and durable bag will accompany you to just any place worldwide.

Don’t forget that it is spacious with a capacity that lets you carry all your essential belongings. In other words, the luggage doesn’t travel light, for it understands that adventurous travelers cannot always travel light.

Ultimately, this luggage is for severe travelers; It can let you enjoy that whole trip for a week to wherever and come home satisfied and happy.

Who Might Not Like Level8 Atlas Aluminum Luggage?

No one fits the category here. If we still have to answer, we can say that travelers who tend to overstuff their luggage cannot do that with this Atlas luggage because it can cause dents on the surface, as this is different from a fabric luggage or backpack.

But even then, this may only be partially true, for the spacious luggage will give you no reason for overstuffing, so you will prefer it to a flexible fabric luggage or backpack any day.

5 Reasons Atlas Aluminum Luggage Stands Out

They are now coming to the most awaited part. Here are five reasons you should give the Atlas luggage a try.

  • Durability

Unlike most kinds of luggage you find today, the Atlas luggage is made of aerospace-grade aluminum. This makes any journey easy as I do not have to worry about damages that happen so often with the rough handling in airports.

The luggage stays as good as new. Added to this is that the luggage does not come with zips, which is a benefit. We don’t have to worry about nuisances often arising from torn zips.

What you have in its place are dual locks approved by the TSA. And this was much better than zippers for keeping our belongings safe.

  • Comfort

This is one feature that manufacturers pay little attention to. But not so with the Atlas luggage. This one comes with comfortable handles that didn’t wear out our hands even after a long afternoon of pulling it through.

The handles release slowly, which also feels good. If you are the kind who likes to travel in style, Atlas luggage can make you feel so good.

Moreover, they don't make much noise, which can sometimes be a pain and a nuisance, especially when traveling gets tiring.

  • Style

This is more than just about the handles. The entire luggage has a super quiet operation, even with the wheels rolling as you pull it on the ground behind you at full speed.

The luggage is designed with a double-wheel configuration, which gives you style as it will cooperate with you. You don’t have to struggle to make it go in the direction you want it to go.

Setting it horizontally was also easy, with the feet at the bottom.

  • The Compartments

Every other feature is a waste if the compartments need to be better for you. And trust us when we say the Atlas luggage will not disappoint you here.

The mesh pockets are as durable as the rest of the luggage and won’t go through quick wear.

There are dividers on the outside, which proved very helpful, especially for organizing everything we shopped for on our return. And we are sure that this happens to you too, which gives you another reason why the Atlas luggage is for you.

And that is not all. What also pleased us was the four-piece organizer bag set that came with the luggage and later proved very helpful. You know how it is if you are the kind that tends to travel heavily.

And for those who like to travel light, this luggage will be a source of joy.

  • The Capacity

This was one of the first things we checked before getting this Atlas luggage. The luggage comes with a good capacity. Overall, this bag can hold about 36 liters.


While I was not that happy about this initially, one experience was enough to know that the luggage was worth the price.

Shelling out over $500 was worth it in exchange for the quality, comfort, durability, and so much more of this luggage from Atlas.

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Level8 Atlas Aluminium Luggage Exterior

Pros: What We Love About the Atlas Aluminum Luggage

You know it by now, but since we cannot stop singing its praises, here is why this luggage is worth buying. The luggage will last. This one is made of aluminum and will last for many years.

The luggage is stylish and won’t be an eyesore. This was once when we didn’t feel like travelers in an airport. The luggage is convenient, with compartments that are spacious and strong. This means it is durable and also offers a good amount of utility.

Cons: What Could Be Better with the Atlas Aluminum Luggage?

Now that you have seen all the good things, here are a few things you should consider to be sure what you will buy.

Dents: This is not one item you can give a rough use, not if you want your luggage to look as good as new. True, the baggage is going to stay intact with ease. But it will surely get some dents that can make it look ugly and old if you are not careful.

Flexibility: This shouldn’t be a problem considering that the compartments are spacious enough to hold many things for you.

Yet, know that now that you are dealing with aluminum luggage, you cannot get it stuffed and then force it shut like you otherwise do (don’t you). If you do, the bags will not cooperate with you.

Where to Grab Your Atlas Aluminum Luggage?

The Level 8 website is reliable and lets you check out many other Atlas luggage and backpacks.

Though you are shopping for luggage when you are here, you must take advantage of the collection of backpacks. And now that Christmas is here, there is a section with some of the most trending gifts, too, which I liked.

Coming to luggage, there are carry-ons and many women’s luggage in stylish colors that I like and intend to buy someday. (they say light pink is now in style)

And if you are a devout Amazon customer, the Amazon website also has many of these bags. Though we did not find the Atlas luggage from Amazon, you may find if it is back in stock.

If you buy this from the US, UK, or EU, know there is free shipping too. And if you are not satisfied with what you see (which is highly unlikely), you can return it too.

Benefits and Perks You Might Not Expect

The thing we loved the most was the bag set we found inside. Never has organizing luggage been more accessible than thanks to these bags we use to collect items neatly.

The luggage was spacious, but this did not give us any trouble or embarrassment on the plane, as shoving it into the compartment overhead was as easy and smooth as when we unboxed it from the bag.

The luggage comes with a tag so you can organize it better. Now, isn’t that cool?

Finally, what you will love in the end is the cleaning. Just wipe the luggage clean and put it aside for your next trip. Here, you don’t have stubborn stains on a fabric that must be scrubbed clean.

Level8 Atlas Aluminium Luggage Interior

Our Take: Why We Appreciate the Atlas Aluminum Luggage

The final verdict is that the Atlas luggage is strong, spacious, stylish, comfortable, and flexible. Now, what more can you look for in the bags you buy?

Here is luggage that assures you of a lifetime, lets you carry all that you want and in style, and comes with a host of features to make all those trips easy so much that all that is left for you is to enjoy.

We loved it. You should now give it a try.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the warranty period for the luggage?

Ans: The good part is that many Atlas backpacks and luggage have a lifetime warranty. And this one should not be an exception. In other words, if you are careful, the bags can be your travel companion for a lifetime.

Q2. Does the luggage handle uneven/rough surfaces?

Ans: No, you can be sure you travel in style with Atlas luggage. The surface of the bags is smooth. And this is as long as you handle it with care, lest you see some dents that can come in the way of this smooth surface.

Q3. Is the Atlas Aluminum Luggage waterproof?

Ans: Yes, and this is one of the added benefits of the Atlas luggage. The luggage is meant to be waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the things inside getting soiled or wet if you have the misfortune of wetting your luggage.

Final Thoughts: Are Atlas Aluminum Luggage Any Good?

With our little experience, this one from Atlas made for some efficient traveling, as handling the luggage was easy.

You don’t have to think twice before you make a buying choice. Here we assure you that the Atlas luggage is worth a buy and is good.