6 Best Hunting and Fishing Small Towns in the US

6 Best Hunting and Fishing Small Towns in the US

Hunters are always on the lookout for the next great place to find a great game. Hunting and fishing are both activities that have been with us since the dawn of mankind. These things have shaped us as a civilization and have put us on the top of the food chain.

Here are our top 6 recommended spots for hunting or fishing. If you can feel your inner hunter within in you, you will want to visit them and try to find some great prey.

1. Uvalde, Texas

Here, a hunter can find almost year-round opportunities as this area is home to numerous exotic and native animals. People from all over the country come to this town to experience a great hunt. You can find some great fishing opportunities in Texas, but if that is not your thing, dove hunting is especially popular around Uvalde.

There are three well-known species of the dove that people hunt regularly, the white-winged, mourning dove and the ringneck. Other birds can also be found, like quail and turkey. Other types of animals like the whitetail deer are also numerous out here. The exotic query like the blackbuck, fallow deer, feral hogs and axis deer can be found in the area.

2. Appleton, Wisconsin

Appleton was originally founded by fur traders and trappers. A lot of people went and settled the region because of the promise of great beaver hunting. As you can see, this place was created by hunters, and it remained a great hunting place to this day.

The most popular prey in this area is the whitetail deer and many great specimens have been caught in Appleton. Fishing is also popular in these parts, and the best places for it are the Fox River and Lake Winnebago. You will discover that there are a lot of muskies and smallmouth bass out there.

3. Centerville, Iowa

Centerville is a great place for any seasoned hunter. It is a place that is very rich with game and many people go down there every year to satisfy their hunting itch. The region is rich with waterfowl, turkeys, walleyes, channel cats, and great crappies, so anyone can find something to do out here.

A large presence of whitetail deer can also be found here, which is one of the best places for crossbow hunting. Apart from great hunting and fishing opportunities, Centerville offers a nice location just to go to enjoy nature and relax.

4. Florida Keys, Florida

Here in fisherman paradise, you will encounter snook, redfish, tarpon, permit and bonefish, all in the waters between mainland and Keys. The adventurous one does like to try catching white and blue marlin, swordfish, and sailfish.

The true fishing gem of Florida is actually the deep part of the Atlantic Ocean, the fish that swim in the Gulf Stream. If you charter a boat and sail in these waters, you will surely not be disappointed with the sea prey you encounter out here.

5. Clayton, New York

For over 200 years, this town represents the center of major fishing action in the area known as the Thousand Islands, which are located between Canada and the U.S., in the St. Lawrence River. During mild summers, here you can fish muskellunge, northern pike, walleye, salmon, and bass.

Everyone can find luck there, especially during various guided tours. The real adventure is to try to catch massive muskies that can be as long as 60 inches.

6. Louisville, Kentucky

This is one of the best places to visit if you are into big game hunting and some serious fishing. Louisville offers beautiful scenery and a great challenge in the form of deer hunting. There are many types of deer out here, but the whitetails are the most numerous.

This town also offers some great fishing opportunities, because of its many waterways around the city. If you want to relax from the hunt, Louisville offers a great selection of restaurants and a great nightlife scene.