Top 10 Destinations off the Beaten Path in the USA

Lewis and Clark Caverns, Montana
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6: Lewis and Clark Caverns, Montana

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Address: 25 Lewis and Clark Caverns Rd, Whitehall, MT 59759

Between May and September, you can visit one of the largest limestone caverns in Northwest USA. This is within the oldest state park of Montana in Jefferson County. There are many stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and helictites to see. It’s one of the most stunning underground areas you can find anywhere. There is a guided tour for two hours. Later, you can enjoy camping, fishing, canoeing and biking in the state park.

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The Wave, Arizona
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7: The Wave, Arizona

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Address: Marble Canyon, AZ 86036

Located in the Paria Canyon Wilderness of the North Coyote Buttes region, the Wave is a spectacular sandstone formation. It is close to the Utah and Arizona border. A lottery system restricts the number of visitors. You have to apply online, but it’s worth the trouble. Take a guided tour, as the route through the Wave is confusing. You won’t get lost. See the stunning colored trails as you hike through the rock.

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Simsbury, Connecticut
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8: Simsbury, Connecticut

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Address: Simsbury, CT

You will rarely find a greener place in the US. This is also home of the world’s largest sycamore trees. It can be so relaxing to spend a few days in this green paradise, surrounded by these beautiful trees and all that greenery. You can easily visit another state from this corner of Connecticut, so Simsbury can be a nice hideaway. It’s a great place for exploring New England cities.

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The Crooked Road, Virginia

9: The Crooked Road, Virginia

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Address: 1 Heartwood Cir, Abingdon, VA 24210

This is Virginia’s heritage music trail. The trail takes you through hundreds of attractions, both modern and historic. Choose the attractions well because you cannot possibly see all of them in one visit. Many of them are indoors, while others are outdoors. You don’t have to love country music to appreciate the spectacular rural scenery of this part of the United States. And naturally, it’s a must visit if you appreciate good music and melodies.

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Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, Minnesota
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10: Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, Minnesota

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Address: 3755 Split Rock Lighthouse Road, Two Harbors, MN 55616

Perched on top of Lake Superior, the lighthouse was operational between 1910 and 1969. Now, hundreds come here for a tour of the lighthouse and the 25 acre park surrounding it. Walk along the Gitchi-Gami State Trail to catch wonderful lakeside views. There are campgrounds for overnight stays. You can hike, bike or do skiing. There is also the Split Rock River waterfall.

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