Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Springfield, Illinois

6: Illinois State Capitol

Illinois State Capitol
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Jeff Sharp

The current Illinois State Capitol has four floors as well as a dome and this is where the Senate and the House can be found while they are in session. The construction of this State Capitol began in 1868, however, it took twenty years to complete the building.

Address: 207 South Club House Drive, Springfield, IL 62706

7: Illinois State Museum

Illinois State Museum
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Mike Linksvayer

There are five permanent exhibits on display inside the Illinois State Museum including At Home in the Heartland, Changes: Dynamic Illinois Environments, Peoples of the Past, The Mary Ann MacLean Play Museum, and Anthropology Hall. There are multiple temporary exhibits that rotate on a regular basis and the ones that are on display currently are Hot Science, Manierre Dawson, Just Good Art, and Michiko Itatani.

Address: 502 S Spring St, Springfield, IL 62706

8: Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices State Historic Site

Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices State Historic Site
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Mark Goebel

The Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices State Historic Site is a brick building that was built in 1841. The building was part of the now demolished Tinsley Block, but the law offices were carefully preserved. The building has been restored so that it looks like the offices where Lincoln and Herndon practiced law in the 1840s.

Address: Sixth & Adams Streets, Springfield, IL

9: Henson Robinson Zoo

Henson Robinson Zoo
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Wally Hartshorn

Henson C. Robinson was a prominent Springfield citizen who wanted to build a zoo. Construction of the Henson Robinson Zoo began in 1968 and the zoo opened at the end of the summer of 1970. The zoo has ninety animals from Australia, Africa, Asia, North America, and South America. The zoo is open from the middle of March through the end of December every year. Guests may be able to visit the zoo during the months that it is closed, because they do open for special programs and events.

Address: 1100 E Lake Shore Dr, Springfield, IL 62712

10: Washington Park Botanical Garden

Washington Park Botanical Garden
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/flavius217

There are twenty acres of land inside the Washington Park Botanical Garden with over 1,800 species of plants. All of the plants are within the ten garden areas as well as the Conservatory. Visitors can experience the rainforests of South America and the jungles of Asia, plus see orchids, lilies, poinsettias, and Japanese bonsai displays. One of the ten gardens is filled with more than 5,000 rose bushes.

Address: 1740 W Fayette Ave, Springfield, IL 62704

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