Top 10 Things to Do in Death Valley National Park

6: Furnace Creek

Furnace Creek
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/inazakira

Furnace Creek has been a launching area for many Death Valley adventures. It’s an oasis in the heart of Death Valley’s desolate park. The small village has spring-fed resorts that offer refuge from the park’s harsh elements. Furnace Creek is located at 190 feet below sea level and is home to resorts and activities. You can enjoy golf, tennis, swimming and more modern amenities from inside one of nature’s greatest wonders.

Address: Highway 190, Death Valley National Park, CA 92328

7: The Racetrack

The Racetrack
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Giuseppe Milo

Mystery fans will love the Racetrack. It’s a playa located in a remote valley that’s also home to a strange natural phenomenon. Erosion has caused rocks to fall onto the surface of the Racetrack. The “sailing stones” are known to move across the surface and leave trails behind. The rock’s movements may seem like a supernatural event, but scientists believe its caused by a rare combination of natural events. Mystery or not, the Racetrack is a surreal destination.

Address: Racetrack Playa, Death Valley National Park, Death Valley, CA

8: Devil's Golf Course

Devil's Golf Course
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Mobilus In Mobili

You won’t find any greens at Devil’s Golf Course. Instead, you’ll find a large saltpan filled with sculpted pinnacles. Devil’s Golf Course used to be home to Lake Manly. The lake dried up thousands of years ago, but not before leaving behind minerals. The minerals sculpted over time into a spectacular sea of rocks and salt crystals. The jagged salt crystals are an amazing display of the world’s complex systems.

Address: Devils Golf Course, California

9: Scotty's Castle

Scotty's Castle
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Craig Mirkin

Scotty’s Castle is an architectural achievement hidden in the Grapevine Canyon of northern Death Valley. Its name derives from famed gold prospector Walter E. Scott, known as Death Valley Scotty. Though Scotty never owned the building, it remains a symbol of the mining era of the 20s and 30s. Scotty’s Castle is a two-story Spanish Colonial Revival villa is filled with spectacular relics and antiques from a previous era. It may not be a natural landmark, but it still provides a look into an important time in Death Valley’s history.

Address: 123 Scottys Castle Road, Death Valley National Park, CA 92328

10: Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/daveynin

You can take a trip through time at Natural Bridge. This easy, 2-mile round trip hike showcases the unique geological history of Death Valley. The trail includes natural features like chutes and mud drippings en route to a 50-foot natural bridge. The bridge was created over thousands of years due to erosion, and today sits as an impressive representation of time. The trail also includes a dry waterfall and other unique geological features. This classic hiking trail is one of the more popular attractions in Death Valley and is fit for all ages.

Address: Natural Bridge Road, Death Valley National Park, CA 92328

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