10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Virginia

6: Lexington

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Doug Kerr

You probably heard the name “Lexington” come up again and again in your grade school history textbook. Although Lexington, Virginia isn’t that Lexington, it does have important history from the same Revolutionary War time period! If you want to hear the stories, you’ll have to take a tour of historic homes and buildings. One of the most famous is the home of Stonewall Jackson. Besides the buildings, Lexington also has a stunning landscape and beautiful vineyards.

Address: Lexington, VA

7: Monterey

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Rudi Riet

This microscopic (read: less than 200 residents) town is absolutely beautiful. This is quiet little place to go and enjoy small town life for a while. Stay at one of the homey inns, dine on scrumptious down-home food served by friendly people, and wander through the picturesque streets and surrounding countryside. The most important day of the year in Monterey is the Maple Festival, which brings thousands of people to this very tiny town!

Address: Monterey, VA

8: Onancock

Photo Courtesy: Linwood Pendleton

Onancock is a small town on the eastern shore of Virginia. This means fantastic water views and plenty of watersports to try! The most popular thing to do on Onancock is take a canoe out into the water. You could spend all day boating around, but you certainly don’t have to. The town also has a downtown area with quaint shops, a cinema and theater, and lots of delicious restaurants.

Address: Onancock, VA

9: Farmville

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Eli Christman

Guess what? There is an actual, real-life Farmville! And this one won’t earn you dozens of annoying Facebook notifications from your friends (thank goodness). Rather, the real Farmville is a lovely little place whose streets are lined with historic storefronts and friendly faces. In fact, despite its carefully-maintained historic appearance, the town is a thriving center of commerce! Business is booming in Farmville, and plenty of entrepreneurs are getting in on the actions. Another distinctive feature of Farmville is its status as America’s first two-college town, a testament to its academic culture.

Address: Farmville, VA

10: Warrenton

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/John McTarnaghan

Warrington has come a long way since the 1700s, when all that existed was a little trading post called the Red Store. Today, after decades of wars, fires, scandal, and rebuilding, Warrenton has emerged as a one of Virginia’s most beautiful places to spend a lifetime or a weekend. There’s plenty to do—from touring haunted houses to browsing through interesting museums, you certainly won’t get bored in Warrenton. The town is also near Whitney State Forest, so visitors can enjoy camping or hiking while they’re in town.

Address: Warrenton, VA

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