10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Tennessee

6: Jonesborough

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/DM

Known as “Tennessee’s Oldest Town,” Jonesborough is still one of the area’s loveliest towns. The town was actually founded a good two decades before Tennessee even became a state, and its downtown retains much of its heritage and history. The historic preservation is remarkable all throughout the town! Jonesborough is popular with historical tourists for this reason. One of the coolest places in the town is the Christopher Taylor House, which was built in 1777 and still stands. Rumor has it that the ghost of President Andrew Jackson is regularly seen walking through the front door of this house. You’ll have to visit to see for yourself if the rumors are true!

Address: Jonesborough, TN

7: Bell Buckle

Bell Buckle
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Alison Groves

This town probably wins the award for the funniest name in Tennessee! Only around 500 people reside in the town, lending a wonderful classic small-town feel to the area. The town is characterized by Victorian-era homes and churches. It is a popular place to shop for antiques, quilts, and other handmade items. If you want to experience the height of Bell Buckle’s culture, visit the town during the RC Cola Festival or the Moon Pie Festival!

Address: Bell Buckle, TN

8: Ripley


This beautiful small town in Tennessee is a place full of fun! You can find plenty of Instgrammable places with great photo ops, such the colorful historic store fronts downtown. A fun water park, complete with slides and sports facilities, is a great place to spend a summer day. Walk around town to see the pretty layout of the area and get some fresh air. Don’t forget to try some Tennessee barbeque while you’re there!

Address: Ripley, TN

9: Rogersville

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Bill Showalter

Beautiful Rogersville was originally settled in 1775 by the grandparents of the famed Davey Crockett. Although it has an epic and somewhat violent history of struggle between Natives and European settlers, the town today is one of the most peaceful and lovely places you’ll ever come across. The town is very traditional, with a strong Baptist influence and regular heritage celebrations. It looks exactly like you might expect, with tree-lined drives and genteel-looking brick buildings. The best time to visit Rogersville is during the 4th of July, when the town holds a huge Independence Day celebration.

Address: Rogersville, TN

10: Greeneville

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Bill Showalter

Greeneville is named for the Revolutionary War hero Nathaniel Greene. As you might expect, the community has roots that go even further back than its namesake. Greeneville was likely the junction of two important Native highways, which is probably why the area gained such significance early on. The town was first recognized in 1786, although it existed as a European settlement much earlier. Many buildings from this area still remain. Two of the most famous are the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site and Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park. If you visit, be sure to explore the rich history of this beautiful little town!

Address: Greeneville, TN

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