10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in South Carolina

6: Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/rjones0856

Hilton Head Island is counted among the prime tourist attractions in South Carolina. This island includes everything from amazing beaches to interesting cultural offerings and restaurants. The ecosystem of this island also covers a huge variety of wildlife. There are many different events that take place on this island. Examples of such events are: chili eating contests, golf tournaments, and the dove street festival, which is held around Christmas time. The activities and events this island has to offer make it an ideal spot to spend your summers. However, you’ll end up falling in love with this place anytime you choose to visit.

Address: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

7: Georgetown

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Georgetown is also counted among the oldest towns in South Carolina; and with the passage of time it has also become an important port as well. Even though it was founded in 1526, it failed to grow as a colony at that time, so it has enjoyed a slow growth, as is the style of the south. The main attractions of Georgetown include: the waterfront, the streets of downtown, and any number of small diners and dives hidden throughout.

Address: Georgetown, South Carolina

8: Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Ciro

If you are into military and naval memorabilia, this town might be the perfect choice for you. This place is a resting spot for many famous US Navy vessels for tourist to get up close and learn a bit of history. Additionally, you can also enjoy the natural beauty of stunning parks this town includes. Just like many other towns on this list, Mount Pleasant also contains historic old buildings which date back to the 1700s.

Address: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Website: www.tompsc.com

9: Aiken

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This town is located near the border which South Carolina shares with Georgia. It was founded in the 19th century and became home for wealthy people from the northern areas to spend their winters. In the modern world, Aiken is known for hosting horse racing events and polo tournaments. The manicured landscapes and breezy afternoons make for a great resting place.

Address: Aiken, South Carolina

10: Clemson

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Ken Lund

Clemson is usually known for their university, which are very well known for their championship athletic programs. However, the fact that most of us aren’t aware of is, Clemson also consists of many stunning sites that are best for nature lovers. Some examples of these sites: Blue Ridge Mountains, Botanical Garden of South Carolina, huge man-made reservoirs, lake Hartwell, and boating activities for everyone. Needless to say, this is a popular spot during spring break.

Address: Clemson, South Carolina

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