10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Oklahoma

6: Sulphur

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia/duggar11

This small Oklahoma town is named for the mineral springs that first attracted settlers to the area. The initial residents of the town were Chickasaw ranchers and their families, whose ancestors had been living in the region for time unknown. Before long, more settlers from the East Coast began moving into the area, and the town preserved the hot springs as a reservation, which eventually became Chickasaw National Recreation Area. Today, you can still enjoy the preserve and the hot springs! This is a special place you won’t want to miss when you visit Oklahoma.

Address: Sulphur, OK

7: Bartlesville

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Phil Baker

This small town is larger than most on our list of the most beautiful small towns in Oklahoma. There are just over 35,000 residents in this town, and the historic downtown has benefitted from modern high-rise buildings, including one by Frank Lloyd Wright. Despite the size and modern additions in this town, it is still a lovely place to enjoy the small-town lifestyle. One of the loveliest aspects of Bartlesville is the Caney River, which flows right through the town and provides respite from the busyness of daily life.

Address: Bartlesville, OK

8: Claremore

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Volker Schmidt

Love museums and fresh-from-the-source food? Then you’ll definitely enjoy a trip to Claremore! This lovely Oklahoma town is full of interesting historic sites and agricultural attractions. Spend your day wandering through the Will Rogers Memorial Museum, J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum, and Belvidere Mansion, then take a trip to Sawn Bros. Dairy for delicious fresh cheese!

Address: Claremore, OK

9: Eufaula

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia/25or6to4

This beautiful little small town had its moment of fame in an episode of Dirty Jobs called “Worm Dung Farmer.” While that might not give the most delightful impression, Eufaula is actually quite beautiful. The town is situated on Lake Eufaula, the largest lake in the state. You can enjoy your favorite water activities here, or stay in town and browse through downtown’s 20 blocks of shopping, dining, and attractions. Head just out of town for horseback riding at War Paint Horse Ranch, or take a tour at Sailing Horse Vineyards and Winery. This is an excellent weekend getaway destination!

Address: Eufaula, OK

10: Ada

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Brad Holt

This is a lovely small town that still has strong ties to its Chickasaw roots. In fact, up to 3,000 of the 16,000 residents speak Chickasaw! You can find signs in Chickasaw and English, as well as historic locations that commemorate Chickasaw culture. For those more interested in celebrity history than cultural history, Ada is a still an interesting attraction. This little town is home of quite a few notable names, including country singer Blake Shelton.

Address: Ada, OK
Website: www.adaok.com

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