10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in New York State

6: Woodstock

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/jschauma

The area surrounding Woodstock has been inhabited for time unknown, but the first non-native settlers founded the town of Woodstock in the 18th Century. While Woodstock is traditionally a center for arts and music, its major claim to fame is the Woodstock Festival, an event held at a private farm miles from the town that celebrated the counter-culture of the 1960s. There have been countless artists and musicians who have made their homes in Woodstock, drawn to both the natural beauty and the artistic culture of the community.

Address: Woodstock, NY

7: Skaneateles

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Joe Shlabotnik

Every season is stunning in Skaneateles. In the summer, boats dot the lake and children celebrate the summer holiday in the sunshine. In the fall, the leaves ignite the town in a blaze of fiery color. In the winter, the town turns out in historic garb for the weekly Charles Dickens Christmas Festival. In the spring, flowers bloom throughout the town as soon as the last of the snow melts away. The town has a delightful historic district and an even better scenic view of Skaneateles Lake.

Address: Skaneateles, NY

8: Saranac Lake

Saranac Lake
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/heipei

Saranac Lake calls itself “The Adirondack’s Coolest Place” because it is both rather cold and very fun to visit. The culture of the Adirondacks is strong in this chilly mountain village. Summertime in Saranac Lake is wonderful, but both tourists and locals look forward to the beauty and fun that comes with the first snowfall. The biggest event of the year is the Winter Carnival, a celebration complete with maple treats, local brews, and a community-built Ice Palace that is fit for Queen Elsa.

Address: Saranac Lake, NY

9: Westfield

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Doug Kerr

Westfield, a small town on the edge of Lake Erie, embodies the best of small town America. Farmer’s markets, art fairs, and shows in the park are all part of everyday life for residents. The town is also known for its vineyards and wine. At the end of the 19th Century, the founder of Welch’s Grape Juice moved his company to Westfield in order to take advantage of the excellent culture of grape growing. Visitors can taste locally-made wine at one of the local wineries. For the ultimate Westfield experience, visit a winery that doubles as an art gallery.

Address: Westfield, NY

10: Canandaigua

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Doug Kerr

"Canandaigua" is a Native American word meaning “The Chosen Place.” This town is certainly a place that many have chosen to live, and it’s easy to see why. This town is perfectly manicured, with gorgeous gardens spilling colorful blooms from behind fences and along sidewalks. Visitors to Canandaigua enjoy strolling through Sonnenberg Gardens, a sprawling plot of color that represent gardening styles from a handful of different cultures. The town also draws tourists for its other activities, including wine tastings, a waterpark, and ropes courses.

Address: Canandaigua, NY

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