10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Missouri

6: Fulton

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/History Faculty

Fulton is a college town. It is home to Westminster College and Williams Woods University, as well as the Missouri School for the Deaf. The school for the Deaf has created a wonderful hearing-Deaf culture in this town, since the school serves all Deaf students in Missouri who choose to go to a Deaf-specific school. In addition to the schools, Fulton has museums that visitors find interesting. If you go, you will love the small-town feel as well as the lovely views.

Address: Fulton, MO

7: Hannibal

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Terry Ballard

This small town is a popular destination for those seeking a day trip from St. Louis. Hannibal features many interesting activities, such as shopping, river boat rides, and museums. However, Hannibal is most famous as the boyhood home of Mark Twain and the inspiration for the setting of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. When you visit, you’ll get to see the Mississippi River through the eyes of these notorious characters and get new insight into the famous author’s life!

Address: Hannibal, MO

8: Weston

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/J L

Weston’s main claim to fame is that it was a stop on Lewis and Clark’s westward trail. However, there are many reasons why Weston is on the map! In 1836, at the time of the Platte Purchase, Weston was the westernmost settlement in the United States. Weston was also home to Buffalo Bill Cody and other gold-rush era heroes and villains. It was also a departure point for the Oregon Trail. Today, it’s a fun place for families to stay and play. Summertime brings sunshine and greenery to Weston Bend State Park, while winter is the perfect time to hang out at the Snow Creek winter sports facility.

Address: Weston, MO

9: Kimmswick

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Paul Sableman

Tiny Kimmswick only had 157 residents during the 2010 census, but don’t bypass it because of its size. This historic town is perfectly delightful, and you are sure to love the Kimmswick Historic District! Here, you’ll find quaint bed and breakfasts, shopping, and a slow pace of life. One of the most fun things to do here is take a cruise on the Kimmswick Delta Queen, which paddles through the river along the town.

Address: Kimmswick, MO

10: Arrow Rock

Arrow Rock
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Scott Granneman

This beautiful small town on the Missouri River has many stories echoing through its streets and byways. This was once a significant city for westward expansion in America, and many important people passed through here on their way west. The entire village is a National Historic Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places! The large lawns and old trees that characterize the town add extra beauty to the historic shopfront and quiet streets. Spend a pleasant weekend here, enjoying the architecture, live shows, shopping, and comfortable bed and breakfasts.

Address: Arrow Rock, MO

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