10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Iowa

6: Orange City

Orange City
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Jerry

Orange City also has many Dutch immigrants, so they celebrate with a Tulip Festival every May as well. The city used to be named Holland until it was renamed in honor of the Dutch Royalty. The town is filled with windmills, parks, and a unique shopping style that is considered Dutch Village. Orange City is such a beautiful place, that many couples travel there to get married in their new Event Center.

Address: Orange City, Iowa

7: Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/_dew_incognito

Mount Vernon of Iowa was named after the estate of George Washington. Artists can be found throughout the town and one of the locals, Mark Benesh, created his own rendition of Grant Wood’s American Gothic on the side of a barn on Highway 30. Everyone can be creative during the Sidewalk Chalk Festival that is held every year in May. Quite a few blocks of the town are closed so that people can create their own artwork on the streets using chalk.

Address: Mount Vernon, Iowa

8: Elk Horn

Elk Horn
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Adam Swanson

Danish people are prominent in Elk Horn and the Museum of Danish America shares the history of them and the area. The heritage of Elk Horn is celebrated twice a year. In May, Tivoli Fest is held and in November, people can go to Julefest. The best scenery in the town can be seen from the Western Skies Scenic Byway.

Address: Elk Horn, Iowa

9: McGregor

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/EarlRShumaker

McGregor was first founded in 1847 and became incorporated in 1857. The town was known as a shipping port for many years, however once the rail lines were connected by a pontoon bridge, the town began to decline. The business district is filled with buildings that were built during the town’s heyday and there are many antique stores that fill the streets. Two other things that people need to see when they are in McGregor are Pikes Peak State Park and Spook Cave.

Address: McGregor, Iowa

10: Okoboji

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Mary Fairchild

Okoboji is all about the outdoors and people will find themselves enjoying all sorts of activities that include the University of Okoboji Winter Games. While the University of Okoboji may sound official, it is a fictitious school that three brothers created in the 1970s. The name has stuck though, and many people will purchase shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, and more with the University name while they are in town. The main attraction in this town are the lakes that were carved from glaciers.

Address: Okoboji, Iowa

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