10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Florida

6: Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Alan Levine

You can get to Sanibel Island via Fort Myers. This tranquil little escape is like a private commune surrounded by lush wildlife and plenty of white sandy beaches. You’ll find that this is a great place to go on vacation with the family because of how safe and exploratory the whole island is, it encourages those who visit to forge their own path, toss out your clocks, and do whatever you want to do while you enjoy your stay.

Address: Sanibel Island, FL

7: Fort Myers

Fort Myers
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Matthew

Before leaving for Sanibel Island, take a look around at this popular beach town. Similar to what you would find up north in places like Myrtle Beach or Daytona, Fort Myers is all about the boardwalk treats, fresh seafood, surf, sun, and fun. The beaches are often less crowded, when compared to other big name Florida destinations, so take advantage of it while you’re down in Fort Myers.

Address: Fort Myers. FL

8: Naples

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Pablo Tano

It might not be at the tips of everyone’s tongues when naming off cities in the country that are known for luxury and wealth, but Naples has grown into one of the hottest real estate ventures for the rich and famous, with the average house going for over $50 million. Naples is a nod to the same city in Italy, because of its amazing waters, clean beaches, and colorful wildlife. You have plenty of natural attractions to choose from here, like the Everglades and Florida National Wildlife Reserve, it’s no wonder this is such a popular place to call home in Florida.

Address: Naples, FL

9: St. Augustine

St. Augustine
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/John Tuggle

The oldest city in Florida, and, arguably the entire country. Spanish Colonialists left their mark after being under the rule of King Phillip II. You’ll find old buildings lining the streets with plenty of stories and historic relevance behind them. It’s almost a requirement to have tour guide read you the history behind each one, while also providing guidance to the nearby museums and attractions, such as the Castillo and Fort Matanzas.

Address: St Augustine, FL
Website: www.oldcity.com

10: Everglades

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Carolyn Sugg

This one-of-a-kind national park is part swamp, prairie, and mangrove system, living in perfect harmony. This is a staple for class field trips among Florida schools in the region, as kids and adults take a trip on the famous air boats that glide past the diverse population of wildlife and famous mangrove trees jutting above the murky waters.

Address: Everglades, FL

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