Top 10 Cities with Best Nightlife in the USA

6: Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Wyn Van Devanter

Miami has a vibrant nightlife, which is the home of the energetic Little Havana district where you'll find an amazing Latin scene. Downtown Miami, Miami Beach and South Beach are other important hotspots where you'll find immense nightlife and bars such as the South Beach's fashionable gay bars.

Address: Miami, FL

7: Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California
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Los Angeles comes to life during the night with bars, clubs, drinks and live performances. Los Angeles' nightlife can be recognized by the comedy clubs, sports bars, night clubs, and theatre performances by the emerging talents and stars as well. Music performances are the symbol of LA's nightlife. Don't forget to ice skate in LA's five top outdoor ice skating rinks.

Address: Los Angeles, CA

8: Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington
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Seattle isn't the city for night owls. Seattle's nightlife rolls up early as compared to other large US cities. Nightlife in Seattle is about going out, eating and drinking. Live music is more preferred over dancing spots and clubs. Many jam sessions and concerts takes place all across the city almost every night.

Address: Seattle, WA

9: Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Stuart Seeger

Like Seattle and Chicago, Austin hosts theatre lovers and live music. The live music in Austin is more accustomed than any other city within the nation. Bars and clubs are the places to be at night-time, but live music is still the heart of Austin. Whether it's a live music show or a night dance club, people from Austin like to dance; they like to enjoy their life to the fullest based on the performers' tunes and triumphs.

Address: Austin, TX

10: Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is one of the US's festivity capitals so there's no nightlife that approach Atlanta's liveliness and variety. It has a number of fashionable lounges, laid back bars and glossy clubs. There's a lot of choices in Atlanta to have drinks and salsa the night away. Underground Atlanta is no doubt one of the most excellent locations in city to have the advantage of enormous music and hang outs given that many of the city's top nightspots are located there.

Address: Atlanta, GA

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