Top 10 Most Amazing Caves & Caverns in the USA

6: Luray Caverns, Virginia

Luray Caverns, Virginia

This was discovered in 1878, and its cavern system is teemed with columns, mud flows, stalagmites, stalactites, and mirrored pools. Explore the Great Stalacpipe Organ with its massive and solenoid fired strikers. The caverns are yellow, brown, or red because of the mix of chemicals and minerals. The Giant's Hall, Pluto's Ghost as well as some draperies are a sight to behold.

Address: 101 Cave Hill Rd, Luray, VA 22835

7: Caverns of Sonora, Texas

Caverns of Sonora, Texas

This is formed by 100 million years of cretaceous limestone. It boasts of three-dimensional mazes with each walls covered with crystals or sparkling speleothems that are intricately layered to form a beautiful maze. Cave tours will take you to some enchanted areas with caverns, walls and ceilings lined with corals, soda straws, stalagmites, and coral trees.

Address: 1711 Private Road, Sonora, TX 76950

8: Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern, Tennessee

Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern, Tennessee

This is a hair rising experience that will leave you both excited and scared at the same time. This is for the brave who can descend 26 stories underground to explore the caverns deep within. Ruby Falls is a 145-foot high underground waterfall that is formed by a large vertical shaft. You can see the stream that is fed by both rainwater and natural springs as it collects into a pool into the cave floor.

Address: 1720 South Scenic Highway, Chattanooga, TN 37409

9: Ape Cave, Washington

Ape Cave, Washington

This is a site for the longest continuing lava tube in the United States. It is said that lava cascaded from volcanoes that erupted nearby. It attracts over 170,000 cave tours every year. A view of Mt. St Helens can be seen in the region.

Address: Cougar, WA 98616

10: Moaning Cavern, California

Moaning Cavern, California

This is an archaeological site, which is also developed for cave tours. The moaning cave is located at the bottom of a spacious vertical shaft at 165 feet tall; you continue descending the 100-foot spiral staircase until you reach the cavern at around 410 feet in depth. Here, you can explore the oldest human remains of pre-historic people in the Americas. The cave has been a resting place for people who fell in its opening; thus, the term named as "moaning cave".

Address: 5350 Moaning Cave Rd, Vallecito, CA 95251

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