Top 10 Cities in America that Every Single Guy Should Visit at Least Once

6: Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

If you want an amazing cross-section of the South, Austin, Texas is where it’s at. Women of all flavors call Austin home; Latinas, Asians, Arabs, African Americans, and tanned beauties all sporting that sexy southern twang. That’s what makes Austin so great for single men, you get southern flavor in its biggest package, but also plenty of selection. Austin also gets SXSW and tons of other major festivals for music lovers.

Address: Austin, TX

7: Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

If staring at bikini-clad women and living a raucous nightlife is your idea of fun, L.A. is like no other place in America. Although, LA is the best scene for young bachelors, older men with stable financial status will also find much success finding women to hookup with, all you need to do is be yourself and not worry about blending in with the wannabe celebrities that make up a large portion of the population. This is where genuine guys get the lion’s share of the beautiful women in the dating scene. It’s easy to gain attention when you’re not a pretentious jerk!

Address: Los Angeles, CA

8: Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

It is the hidden gem of the Midwest, Chicago is seen as the real city of “brotherly love” in that single women here are much less reserved than most big cities. Maybe it’s the cold, windy weather that makes them want to curl up next to a hunky guy or the hearty deep dish pizzas and hot dogs—you can’t eat those and be too judgmental, really. Chicago also has some amazing places for singles who enjoy classic art, music, and other performing arts.

Address: Chicago, IL

9: Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington

Often cited as a great place to go and retire, the same reasons that back that statement up also apply to those who are looking for love. Seattle is a city of the future, and not just because they are home to the Space Needle, businesses are booming, the infrastructure is great, and everyone just seems generally much happier in Seattle when compared to many similar metropolitans. Men who are looking for women that are more progressive, place emphasis on healthy living, and aren’t afraid of technology will find Seattle a great place to find love.

Address: Seattle, WA

10: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Another great city, where women outnumber the men, the bachelor life in Philly is not too bad. It’s more affordable to live here than NYC, but you’ll find many great restaurants and nightlife that is enjoyed throughout the east coast. What makes Philadelphia also nice is that the weather is typically a bit more cooperative for your dates than further up north.

Address: Philadelphia, PA

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