Top 10 Most Beautiful States in America

6: Washington


Washington State is home to many features which earn it a spot on this list. There are large cities such as Seattle, but you can also find undisturbed natural areas. The North Cascades are dramatic in appearance, dominating the north-central area of the state. Here you will find rock, ice, forests, and rocky peaks as well as the North Cascades National Park. Perhaps the most well-known and beautiful attraction in Washington is Mt. Rainier, which has the most glaciers of any mountain within the contiguous US in addition to forests, wildflower meadows, and roaring rivers.

Address: Washington, USA

7: Colorado


When most people think of Colorado's natural beauty, they picture the Rocky Mountains and other similar landscape features. The mountains are truly inspiring, but you can find Colorado beauty anywhere you look. The Great Sand Dunes National Park shows that the state includes pretty desert landscapes in addition to mountains. To contrast the desert of the sand dunes, you can visit Glenwood Springs, which is not only gorgeous, but also the mineral hot springs that are largest in the world, with two different pools on site.

Address: Colorado, USA

8: Arizona

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Arizona is known for the amazing and completely natural Grand Canyon, but there is more to this state than that one attraction. In addition to canyons and desert areas, you will also find pine forests, rivers, lakes, and valleys. No wonder there are multiple national parks (the Grand Canyon National Park and Petrified Forest National Park) in addition to sixteen different National Monuments, including Pipe Spring, Rainbow Bridge, and prehistoric Indian ruins.

Address: Arizona, USA

9: Oregon


Oregon is home to striking contrasts that offer natural beauty for everyone, no matter your tastes. You can find cultural sites, mountains, lakes, and more. Crater Lake is part of the South Oregon Cascades and is perfect for watching wildlife, camping, hiking, or even diving. Hells Canyon may have an intimidating name, but it is one of the most picturesque locations in the state, holding 653,000 acres including flowers, grass, rivers, and more. In terms of mountains, Mt. Hood is the main attraction in Oregon and for good reason as it is a gorgeous addition to any landscape and climbing it (at least partially) offers breathtaking views all around.

Address: Oregon, USA

10: Florida


Florida, or the Sunshine State, is known for its gorgeous beaches, something which not many other states on this list have to offer. You can find populated areas as well as secluded locations with untouched natural beauty. For an addition to the permanent beauty of Florida, visit the Gulf Islands National Seashore at the right time and you will see thousands of Monarch butterflies on their annual migration.

Address: Florida, USA

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