50 States, 50 Attractions: One Must-See Tourist Sight in Each State

21: Massachusetts: Harvard University Tour

Massachusetts: Harvard University Tour
Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia/Daderot

As one of the most famous educational institutions in the world, it is well worth heading to Cambridge and enjoying a unique tour of the Harvard University campus when you are in Massachusetts. You can look forward to a fascinating tour of the university, where you can learn more about its rich history as well as its many achievements and alumni. You can even get a taste of what life as a student is like at this university as you explore the campus.

Address: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138
Website: www.harvard.edu

22: Michigan: Henry Ford Museum

Michigan: Henry Ford Museum
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Rain0975

Located in Dearborn, this museum is a great choice for those who are interested in invention, innovation and history. You can explore the motor exhibits here, including the very popular Presidential Limousines exhibition. There is also the Heroes of the Sky exhibition, which is perfect for those who are into aircraft. You can even feast your eyes on a 1970s original Apple 1 computer when you come to this museum. The exhibitions on display here are designed to not only educate but also to inspire.

Address: 20900 Oakwood, Dearborn, MI 48124

23: Minnesota: Water Park of America

Minnesota: Water Park of America
Photo Courtesy: GFrege

This is a great place to have some watery indoor fun with your family – and it is the country’s tallest indoor water park as well. You will find plenty of thrilling rides at this indoor park as well as many opportunities to kick back and relax. Head to the water slides for some excitement and fun or chill out in the indoor hot springs and let your stresses melt away. The Family Raft Ride is a great choice for some additional fun while at the park and there is even a huge games arcade for families to enjoy.

Address: 1700 American Blvd E, Bloomington, MN 55425

24: Mississippi: The Museum of Natural Science

Mississippi: The Museum of Natural Science

This attraction is a great way to combine education, fun, and enjoy a fascinating experience designed for all ages. Covering 73,000 square feet, there is certainly plenty to see and do at this museum. Enjoy taking in the fabulous exhibits and marvel at the displays at the open-air amphitheater. The Monsters of the Deep exhibition is one that children will be thrilled with and there is even an interactive aquarium that is perfect for kids that want to get close up to marine life.

Address: 2148 Riverside Dr, Jackson, MS 39202
Website: www.mdwfp.com

25: Missouri: Forest Park

Missouri: Forest Park
Photo Courtesy: Randy Allen

Forest Park is situated in St. Louis and is not only a place of stunning beauty but one that is packed with attractions for the whole family to look forward to. There are 1300 acres of grounds to explore here and some beautiful surroundings to admire as you make your way around. Some of the area’s top attractions can also be found on the site, including the wonderful St. Louis Zoo and the St. Louis Science Center, both of which will be a hit with kids as well as adults. Gorgeous water features and lakes as well as a great golf course help to make this a wonderful place for adults and nature lovers as well.

Address: 5595 Grand Dr, St. Louis, MO 63112

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