Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

6: Isles of Shoals

Isles of Shoals
Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia/N.V. Deremer

Yarr, there be pirate tales and American history on these isles. This is the pinnacle of exciting tour guides. Traverse hundreds of years surrounding these famous isles, with tales of the notorious Captain John Smith of Jamestown and Pocohontas history, the most infamous pirates of all: Blackbeard and Captain Kidd, as well as a resident ghost. If you’re not scared to make the Isles of Shoals your home base, you will live a life in luxury during your stay with the state’s most magnificent hotels.

Address: 315 Market St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

7: The Music Hall

The Music Hall
Photo Courtesy: Facebook/musichall

Get connected with the local music and performing arts scene at the Music Hall. It’s actually made up of two separate theaters located in downtown Portsmouth, but both offer a great selection of community arts, from major Broadway plays to unique and diverse musicals that you cannot find anywhere else. Highly recommended for the performing arts buff and the uninitiated.

Address: 28 Chestnut St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

8: Discover Portsmouth

Discover Portsmouth

The Portsmouth Historical Society changed over the previous city library to another "one-stop" focal entryway to the verifiable, social, and masterful scenes of more prominent Portsmouth, and another presentation site showing the workmanship and history of the area. The building incorporates seven four-shading data boards on each of Portsmouth's notable houses, historical centers, points of interest and execution settings. The side displays are loaded with pivoting displays, and the inside's theater has non-stop showings of a movie on Portsmouth's 400-year history.

Address: 10 Middle Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

9: MacPheadris–Warner House

MacPheadris–Warner House
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/nhoulihan

Founded in 1716 and the main method of getting by of the chateaus that lined Daniel Street in frontier days, the Warner House is best known to building historians for the most established paintings in America that are still standing. The wall paintings line the lobby stairway, and all through the house are outstanding cases of cut moldings and wood framing. Adding to its significance, the house additionally contains the primary example of Queen Anne furniture known to have been made in America, a Sherburne high trunk dating from 1733. This is a piece of an extraordinary accumulation of early Portsmouth furniture and pictures. For a long time, the Georgian block house was the home of eras of a similar group of shippers, commanders, and a governor.

Address: 150 Daniel St, Portsmouth, NH 03802

10: Water Country

Water Country
Photo Courtesy: Facebook/WaterCountry

A blustery day voyage through Portsmouth Historic Homes starts here at the Warner House. It is wonderful. The tour guide is exceptionally knowledgeable. The paintings on display going upstairs have their own particular story and much about the inhabitants and day and age can be gotten from it. The house style gives you access on how individuals passed the time and how they needed to present themselves. The furniture is great and the house feels alive, unlike many museum homes that might feel a bit off. It is definitely worth a visit to close out a day in Portsmouth.

Address: 2300 Lafayette Rd, Portsmouth, NH 03801

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