Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Colorado Springs, Colorado

6: Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/mark byzewski

The great red rocks of Arizona and Utah are living postcards, and they are not the only places you can go to see them. Colorado Springs sits right next to its very own Red Rock Canyon, you just need to be ready to do a little adventuring to see them. You’ll need to do a bit of walking, but once you get there, you’ll witness the iconic red walls, curvy rock formations, and a venue that accommodates artists and entertainment that the red rocks are notorious for.

Address: 3550 W High St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

7: First Ascent Mountain School

First Ascent Mountain School

If you want to really experience the best of Colorado Spring’s mountains and canyons, you’ll want to try a bit of mountain training of your own if you don’t have a lot of experience. This school will not only teach you the basics of mountain climbing, but also all about being safe and having fun. This is a great opportunity to really explore Pikes Peak, rather than just simple sight-seeing. Get your hands dirty!

Address: 2126 W Kiowa St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

8: ANA Money Museum

ANA Money Museum

If there is one universal truth, no matter what your age or where you live, it’s that everyone loves money. Not to say money should be worshiped or take precedent over more important things like love, family, and respect. With that said, this museum is certainly fascinating and filled with an enormous amount of historic items. You’ll see coins, paper money, gold, expired currencies, and more.
Guided tours run regularly and kids won’t feel bewildered or left out, thanks to a kid-friendly section that teaches them history, the importance of money, and more.

Address: 818 N Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

9: World Figure Skating Museum & Hall of Fame

World Figure Skating Museum & Hall of Fame
Photo Courtesy: Sandra Loosemore

Now, figure skating might not be at the top of everyone’s list of favorite sports, but there’s no denying the allure and the extravagance of the competitions. Even if you’re not a big fan, you should check out the World Figure Skating Museum & Hall of Fame to take a look at the humble beginnings of the sport, the dramatic timelines of all the great skaters, and more. There’s plenty of iconic memorabilia to view up close and interesting stories to be read. When you’re done, you’ll probably feel like ice skating, too.

Address: 20 1st St, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

10: Glen Eyrie Castle

Glen Eyrie Castle
Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Glen Eyrie

For something a bit out of the ordinary, this unexpected man-made marvel stands tall in Colorado City. A castle is just as impressive in person as it is in the books and pictures. We highly recommend making an afternoon out of it, taking a guided tour, and checking out all 20 rooms, along with the manicured garden. Glen Eyrie Castle is also a great place for getting married or having a nice cup of tea during yearly events.

Address: 3820 N 30th St, Colorado Springs, Colorado, CO 80904

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