Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Providence, Rhode Island

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The capital city of Rhode Island, Providence is a standout amongst the most craved traveler wonders and can trace its roots back to the 1600s. While making the most of your visit to Providence, here are a few attractions you can see, many of them easily accessed by public transport or taxi:

Things To Do in Providence

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1: WaterFire Providence

WaterFire Providence
Flickr/liz west
Can you envision fire smoldering over the surface of water? To get the full motivation Providence brings to the table, a visit to the Waterfire should be your next stop. A grant winning figure, Waterfire is workmanship provided free to the public and as a visitor, this ought to be one of the attractions you should visit. The typical message the fire craftsmanship provides is that of union and cooperation. To see the wonders of Providence means visiting Waterfire.

Address: 100 Canal St, Waterplace Park, Providence, RI 02903

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2: Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art (RISD Museum of Art)

Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art (RISD Museum of Art)
Flickr/Hrag Vartanian
Make RISD Museum of Art the reason for your next visit. The Museum preserves diverse design legacy from various societies. With close to 100,000 works being showcased, the Museum offers you a look at the different classifications of centerpieces. The most notorious among them include Asian Art, Contemporary Art, Decorative Arts, Paintings and Sculptures. In addition, the museum offers an opportunity for students to join special exhibitions, lectures, workshops and other special events.

Address: 20 N Main St, Providence, RI 02903

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3: John Brown House

John Brown House
Flickr/Mark Goebel
Situated at 52 Power St, Providence, John Brown House boasts as the first chateau to be built in Providence making it an iconic building and one of the national historical marks in the United States of America. The outline of this building is fantastic with the architect behind its wonder being Joseph Brown. If you are coming to Providence for the holidays, you should come here and take some pictures. This celebrated building contains around seven meeting rooms that can hold up to 2500 visitors. The building had its foundations built in the 1700s and later on, it was remodeled in the mid-1900s. It has an exceptionally extraordinary engineering plan.

Address: 52 Power St, Providence, RI 02906

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4: Roger Williams Park Zoo

Roger Williams Park Zoo
Flickr/Eric Kilby
At more than 30 acres of land and 100 species of animals, Rodgers William's park Zoo boasts as one of the oldest countrywide. Here, visitors can interact with the natural wildlife. This park zoo can be depicted as both a recreational area for both wild creatures and people as they stroll freely about. A visit to the zoo is extraordinary as you can get really close to the animals as you walk about. As a visitor you will enjoy seeing wildlife in different exhibits that include World of Adaptations, Tropical and Northern America, Marco Polo Adventure Trek and Fabric of Africa.

Address: 1000 Elmwood Ave, Providence, RI 02905

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5: Providence Performing Arts Center

Providence Performing Arts Center
Flickr/Canon in 2D
The world-class Providence Performing Arts Center is situated at 220 Weybosset St, Providence area. As the second biggest of its kind in the USA and fit for more than 3000 people, it offers a portion of the world's best theater, from world-acclaimed musicals to plays. Favored for many national occasions, it was also given the name "Jewelry of Weybosset Street." The interior alone makes you think about whether you are still on earth. It is simply eminent and flawless. With a great deal of events occurring here, the center should be a compulsory visit for anyone who happens to visit Rhode Island.

Address: 220 Weybosset St, Providence, RI 02903

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6: Historical Federal Hill

Historical Federal Hill
Flickr/Maryland GovPics
Centrally situated inside the city, the Historical Federal Hill has additionally been given the name “pulse of Providence.” This is because of its significance in Providence and a visit here can be one of the best exercises you can take part in. From award winning eateries to a decent perspective of Italian American societies, the history behind it is extraordinary. It was also a previous Italian Colony, and thus has rich Italian Culture. It has seen numerous guests and no visit to Providence can finish without traveling to the Historic Federal Hill.

Address: Federal Hill, Providence, RI

7: Rhode Island State House

Rhode Island State House
Flickr/Lennart Tange
Rhode Island State House is one of those spots you don’t want to miss. Having the fourth largest self-supporting marble dome, the building was built in the late 1800s and has exceptionally remarkable architecture that should not miss visiting while in Providence. The building is critical to the history of the USA and is on the registry of national historical places. On the off chance that you are going to Providence, you should visit the Rhode Island State House building and take pictures so you can remember both the structure and history that accompany this building.

Address: 82 Smith St, Providence, RI 02903

8: Brown University

Brown University
Emma Watson and Ted Turner among numerous other incredible individuals are alumni to this University situated in Providence. Aside from its exceptional training, it is one of the most seasoned Universities in U.S.A and unequivocally, the seventh oldest, as it has its roots dated back to the 1700s. Brown University is among the main research universities in the area. Its multi-social methodology makes it fit for anyone anywhere throughout the globe. Visiting this old famous University makes you a player in the history of Rhode Island.

Address: Providence, RI 02912

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9: Benefit Street: A Mile of History

Benefit Street: A Mile of History
Flickr/Shinya Suzuki
This street familiarizes you with the chronicled foundations of Providence. One of the top tourist spot in Providence, Brown University is only a couple blocks to this street. Benefit Street has a lot to offer for a visitor and because of this, you can request a guide to help you recognize the fascinating destinations along the street. This is without a doubt a spot like no other, whose history is both puzzling and fascinating.

Address: Benefit St, Providence, RI

10: Dunkin' Donuts Center

Dunkin' Donuts Center
Flickr/Peter Galvin
Built in 1971, the Dunkin' Donuts Center is an entertainment arena suited for a wide range of occasions and gatherings - be it sporting events, family shows, trade shows, concerts and more. With the seating capacity of 14000 seats, the Center is home to the AHL Providence Bruins and the Big East Providence College Men’s Basketball team.

Address: 1 La Salle Square, Providence, RI 02903

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