Top 10 tourist Attractions in Grand Rapids, Michigan

6: Van Andel Arena

Van Andel Arena
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Jeremy Bronson

President Barrack Obama is one of the prominent people who have held an event in this arena and thus, making this place as your next stop will guarantee you nothing but pure fun. With over 10,000 capacity, the Van Andel Arena located in West Fulton Street is a place where you can see live games like basketball, bull riders, music concerts just to list a few. You will always see this place alive with a frenzy of activities and games to cheer you up.

Address: 130 Fulton W, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

7: Grand Rapids Art Museum

Grand Rapids Art Museum
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Michael Mol

A place named after the city in which it is located means that it has some amazing things to offer you. Located at 101 Monroe Center, this is just one of the places where you can see thousands of artifacts dating back to the European Renaissance. Apart from old art, you will also see modern art done by famous artists like Richard Diebenkorn who was very famous for his abstract expression art. You only get to see this when you pay a visit to this place.

Address: 101 Monroe Center St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

8: John Ball Zoo

John Ball Zoo
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/DebMomOf3

Opened in 1891, a visit to this zoo makes you one with nature. The over 200 different species of more than 1000 animals residing in the zoo will give you a wild adventure and a half. This zoo has some of the best wild animals in a habitat that is as close to natural as possible. Mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and invertebrates, amongst others, are just some of the animals found in the zoo. It has also young animals who are thriving and consider the zoo as their home.

Address: 1300 West Fulton Street, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

9: Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

Grand Rapids Children’s Museum
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Rachel Kramer

Children’s museums are not common and when you get to one, the experience for sure is worthwhile. Grand Rapids Children’s Museum located in Grand Rapids is a place where you could take your kids for their next tour and have a kid destruction frenzy at the kidstruction zone that gives your kids plenty of room to do all forms of destruction. There is also a family banquet on offer. This place is popular for the various packages, programs and field trips it offers to fill you with thrills and adrenaline throughout the entire day.

Address: 11 Sheldon Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

10: Fish Ladder Sculpture

Fish Ladder Sculpture
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/ellenm1

This Sculpture is located at 560 Front Ave under the ingenious design of a man by the name Joseph Kinebrew. The place has a sculpture that is as fascinating as you could ever imagine. The sculpture allows fish to be able to maneuver properly in the spring and the fish around the area jump on the ladder sculpture. You can visit and watch the fish jump by yourself in this amazing spectacle.

Address: 560 Front Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

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