7 Best Things to Do in Acadia National Park, Maine

6: Otter Cliff

Otter Cliff
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Robbie Shade

Not to be outdone by Schoodic Point, Otter Cliff offers breath-taking views along a sheer 110 feet high cliff, surrounded by the familiar vegetation and foliage. If you’re a rock climbing enthusiast, you’ll find that this cliff provides a great challenge with an amazing view. You might even catch some whales in the distance, migrating south.

7: Thunder Hole

Thunder Hole
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/shovelbum5

A nice little hidden treasure of the Acadia National Park lies in a cave that sits in the crashing waves. As high tide approaches, the cave turns into a perfect echo-chamber that amplifies the sound of the waves crashing into the back of the walls. This loud clap is accompanied by a big splash of water, creating a water park-like experience. Visitors should dress accordingly.

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