10 Best Theme Parks in the US

6: Schlitterbahn Water Park, Texas

Schlitterbahn Water Park, Texas

If you’re looking for a great place to cool off, head on down to Schlitterbahn. This German-named playground is always at the top of the country’s waterpark lists. You can get in and ride the waves all day at half the price of most major theme parks. Try out their huge slides or ride the elevator water attraction, you’ll cool down in no time.

7: Knott's Berry Farm, California

Knott's Berry Farm, California
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Brent Schmidt

Okay, don’t let the name fool you, this is just as much theme park as it is farm. Actually, it’s a theme park built on a farm, so you won’t find rows of crops in the middle of rollercoasters, but it really is a cool backdrop. You’ll find plenty of roller coasters and classic rides here, over 40 total. They split up the farm with various settings; a haunted town, a party town, a seaside boardwalk, and a camp grounds.

Website: www.knotts.com

8: Kings Island, Ohio

Kings Island, Ohio
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/David Morton

This is a theme park that is made famous by their signature roller coasters, namely the infamous Banshee. This one is made for the big boys and girls. It will test your meddle and probably scare the living stuffing out of you, thanks to its sharp turns, loops, and variances in speed to keep you guessing at every moment. Kings Island also has pretty great park food, to boot, just save for AFTER the rides.

9: Dollywood, Tennessee

Dollywood, Tennessee
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Kristopher Harris

A quirky and unique theme park that is dedicated to the face of Southern Charm, Dolly Parton. This park is a family favorite in Tennessee, it is not what you would expect. The park is very fun, but laid-back, clean, and entertaining. Of course, you can expect to see some country favorites show up for your amusement, too. Don’t forget to checkout the waterpark while you’re there.

10: Hersheypark, Pennsylvania

Hersheypark, Pennsylvania
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Martin Lewison

What’s better than chocolate and theme parks together? Don’t answer that question, there is no reason to torture yourself, just head over to Hershey Park to get the best of both worlds. You’ll get to have a front-row seat at their chocolate factor tour, as well as ride a number of awesome rides. They even have a zoo, if you’re finished gorging on chocolate.

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