Top 10 Cities with Best Nightlife in the USA

From East Coast to West Coast, Midwest to South, there is no doubt that US contains a quantity of the best and varied nightlife on the earth. From nighttime clubs to jazz alliance, there's something out present for everybody's flavor. New York City and Las Vegas are absolutely the coolest cities to take pleasure in a night out, but there are a lot of other huge cities full of fun and exciting nightlife.

Las Vegas, Nevada

1: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Address: Las Vegas, NV

Casinos -- Enjoyment -- Clubs --Best Hotels -- Lights ---Welcome to Las Vegas! The city of Las Vegas is the Casino lovers' heaven. You can witness actors and celebrities from the film industry hanging around. Las Vegas is a doom city that lights up at night. The fate of hundreds changes in the casino overnight. It's one of the top cities of US when seen from the "nightlife" point of view.

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New York City
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2: New York City

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Address: New York, NY

New York is the city of hovering helicopters, skyscrapers, cruise ships and of course: the world renowned Statue of Liberty. New York City is one of the world's most populous cities its rush can be seen even after midnight. Populous streets and enlightened buildings show New York's beauty in the night. It's the city that never sleeps. Beware of criminals in the night since New York's crime rate is also comparatively higher.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

3: New Orleans, Louisiana

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Address: New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is the cultural melting pot of the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and beyond. In night-time, you may experience a vast variety ranging from interesting night clubs to tempting festivals. If you're spending the night in New Orleans, then you're supposed to be at Dance Clubs, Bourbon Street, Frenchmen Street, Harrah's Casino, or Burlesque & Cabaret Clubs.

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Chicago, Illinois

4: Chicago, Illinois

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Address: Chicago, IL

Chicago is another city that's known for its nightlife. Pubs, bars and Clubs are the American thing and you'll find these things in Chicago in huge numbers. Many clubs remain open even after midnight and some of them even until the break of dawn.

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San Francisco, California

5: San Francisco, California

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Address: San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is one of the United States' top nightlife cities based on its amazing night picture. San Francisco has many nightlife hot-spots such as grungy-type pubs and the pleasing to the eye night-time clubs. Two of the most well-liked nightlife districts within San Francisco California are Soma district, which is known for its hip and cool clubs because of world-class DJ's; and Castro district, which is known for its flourishing gay and lesbian night-time scene.

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