Top 10 Best 4th July Fireworks Displays in America

The 4th July does, of course, bring with it massive celebrations across the United States. While individuals, couples and families all have their own way of celebrating Independence Day one thing that most people are always keen to see is one of the many fireworks displays that take place across the country. You will find some incredible fireworks displays that take place each year to celebrate 4th July so finding the perfect one for you and your loved ones to enjoy won't be a problem. Here is our pick of top 10 best 4th July firework displays in America.

Macy's Annual 4th July Fireworks
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1: Macy's Annual 4th July Fireworks

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Address: Manhattan, Queens & Brooklyn

This is always a stunning display and has been going on for nearly four decades now. The biggest display in the country, millions of people view this spectacular show every year. You can look forward to a rainbow of colors, bright lights and spectacular effects when you watch this fireworks display. This is always a hugely popular event and enjoys a massive turnout, so you can look forward to the excitement and vibrant atmosphere as well.

National Mall Independence Day Celebration
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2: National Mall Independence Day Celebration

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Address: Constitution Ave NW, Washington DC

For a really patriotic experience and the chance to enjoy a spectacular fireworks display, this is the place to head. Many people show up here early and even bring along a picnic to make a day of it. This makes it a great day out for the whole family, which culminates in a spectacular display of fireworks to celebrate this special day. Take some time to take a look around and enjoy the monuments prior to the display.

Boston Pops Fireworks Display
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3: Boston Pops Fireworks Display

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Address: 222 Berkeley St Boston, MA 02116

You can look forward to immersing yourself in history, enjoying stunning fireworks that are shot from barges on the Charles River, and even enjoying incredible live music when you attend this live fireworks event. This is a great way to combine entertainment with incredible visuals, making it an excellent choice for 4th July.

Addison Kaboom Town
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4: Addison Kaboom Town

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Address: 5100 Beltline Rd Suite 430 & 400, Addison, Texas 75254

This suburb in Dallas isn't home to a huge number of people but on 4th July it is transformed, as thousands flock here to watch the 4th July fireworks displays. There is lots of other entertainment to enjoy, with past years including air shows and acrobatics. You can get great views of the display from many places and some of the residents even hold fireworks watching parties.

Atlantic City 4th July Fireworks
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5: Atlantic City 4th July Fireworks

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Address: 3109 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

When you head to this popular resort destination to enjoy 4th July you can look forward to being treated to a spectacular show with incredible views. Tens of thousands head over here to soak up the fabulous atmosphere, enjoy the excitement, and then watch as the sky fills with an incredible display of fireworks. There are events and entertainment over a two day period, and while you're in the area you can even visit one of the sprawling casino resorts.

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