Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in the USA

Are you planning a vacation? Instead of traveling to exotic international locations, why not travel down to a local lake? Don't be put-off by the mundane language we've used to describe 'local' lakes. The US has more than a 100 beautiful lakes spread out over the varying geographical backgrounds and all of them are beyond compare. Most of the lakes are gorgeous with sun-filled backdrops, breezy winds, looming mountains, and emerald-clear waters filled with a range of sea life. If you want a wonderful vacation, all you have to do is find a lakeside cabin alongside any of the US's beautiful lakes, and you are guaranteed a great time. In fact, we've listed our top ten favorite fresh water lakes here that are a must-visit if you are in the area.

Crater Lake, Oregon
Photo Courtesy: NPS Site

1: Crater Lake, Oregon

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Address: Crater Lake National Park, OR 97604

Crater Lake is unique as it formed when Mount Mazama erupted nearly 8000 years ago. The crater formed by the mountain eventually filled up with water forming a land-locked lake that is now called Crater Lake. As the lake is filled by rain and snowmelt, it remains pristine and extraordinarily clear all through the year. The clear waters allow sunlight to penetrate nearly 400 feet down in the 1943 feet deep lake. This makes the lake a great place to swim, fish, and scuba dive. The lake is also surrounded by nearly 2000-foot cliffs and the scenery around the lake is mind-blowing.

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Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Kevin Muncie

2: Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

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Address: 3066 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

This lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the US. It is a favorite destination for tourists due to the several ski resorts overlooking the river banks. The crystal-clear alpine lake is famous for its clear waters and the panorama of the surrounding mountains reflects on the water making it a photographer's dream. The mountain and lake scenery are top attractions all through the year and tourists also love the national parks bordering the lake. Most of the lake and the area surrounding it are devoted to tourism. There are restaurants, clubs, and casinos all around the lake that cater to these guests. For sporting enthusiasts, the area also offer winter sports like skiing, snowmobile riding, snowshoeing along with water sports, hiking, and bicycling.

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Lake Michigan, Wisconsin/Michigan/Illinois

3: Lake Michigan, Wisconsin/Michigan/Illinois

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Address: Lake Michigan - WI, MI, IL

Lake Michigan is the only one of the great lakes to be located entirely in the US. The lake is spread out over more than 307 miles and it is stunning. It has several cities located on its shores and thousands of beaches as well. Most of the beaches exhibit soft and off-white sand and they have islands like Beaver Island, Fox Islands, Northerly Island, and Manitou Islands located just off the borders. The Lake is also famous for its several national parks like the Hiawatha National Forest, Manistee National Forest, Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness, and Michigan Islands National Wildlife Refuge.

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Finger Lakes, New York

4: Finger Lakes, New York

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Address: Finger Lakes, New York

The Finger Lakes are a popular tourist destination located in Upstate New York. The lakes are so-called as they are long and narrow resembling fingers. The eleven lakes are huge and there are literally dozens of things that tourists can do all through the year. The lakes have picturesque waterfalls, magnificent parks, gorgeous beaches, one-of-a-kind museums, and resorts all along the borders. The Finger Lakes area is also New York's premier wine-producing region with more than a 100 different vineyards and wineries located on the lake borders.

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Lake Powell, Utah/Arizona
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/wolfgangstaudt

5: Lake Powell, Utah/Arizona

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Address: Lake Powell, UT 86040

The impossible deep blue waters of Lake Powell have stunned almost every visitor. On top of that, this is a man-made lake and it is simply surprising that the lake turned out so beautiful. Of course, there was a huge hue-and-cry when the Glen Canyon was dammed and the Canyon filled with the waters of Colorado River but it turned out to be worth it. Visitors can literally see the red sandstone river banks through the pristine, sapphire-hued river water. The river is lined with gorgeous beaches and tourists flock to the area during peak summer season. The lake also offers sport fishing and water sports for interested visitors. If you are in Arizona, a short drive to this man-made wonder is a must.

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