Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Missoula, Montana

A visit to Missoula, Montana gives you an extremely rewarding experience and this is the best place to come for those outdoorsy individuals. With a ton of cultural sights and nature at its best, there are various quality destinations Missoula brings to the table. A visit to this spot is never finished without some angling and some famous blue-ribbon trout fishing. With a great deal of eateries and recreational spots, here are the top attractions to visit in Missoula.

A Carousel for Missoula

1: A Carousel for Missoula

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Address: 101 Carousel Dr, Missoula, MT 59802

We have all been accustomed to going to the merry-go-round when we visit the amusement meccas situated in different places. With horses mounted on a few posts, the Carousel for Missoula guarantees you an alternate ride from the standard one. It was voluntarily built by the community and the same communal spirit makes it a favorite spot for spinning around with companions, relatives or pretty much on your own. For those of you who need to hold your birthday parties in a fun environment, this is the spot for you. They also have rentals for family get-togethers, organizations, parties and numerous others.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia/Daniel Mayer

2: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

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Address: 5705 Grant Creek Rd, Missoula, MT 59808

Lined with different views, this protection zone has a good number of Elks and other natural life that you can come to see. Mimicking their natural habitat implies you get the chance to see them exactly how they would live in the wild. From upgrading the normal living space of Elks to advancing sound administration of natural life, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has been very focal to the inhabitants around the territory. Starting in 1984, the region has a considerable number of tourists paying a visit and is a significant site to see.

Fort Missoula Museum
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/fsnorthernregion

3: Fort Missoula Museum

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Address: 3400 Captain Rawn Way, Missoula, MT 59804

The USA armed force built this in the late 1800s. The US tenth Calvary troopers prominently known as the Buffalo Soldiers had this as their home. Prisoners of War from Italy had their jail camp situated around here and subsequently visiting the spot acquaints you with the recorded wonders of World War 1. This place was built after the locals asked for a spot that could offer them safety from attack by the Indian tribesmen. This makes it a significant recorded point of interest that also continues pulling in travelers from all kinds of different backgrounds.

Missoula Art Museum
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4: Missoula Art Museum

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Address: 335 N Pattee St, Missoula, MT 59802

With a large number of collections and displays, the Missoula Art Museum is committed to showcasing Montana Artists. Works like Phoebe Toland and others are such an incredible sight. Going back to the 1970s implies that you get some historical touch to your visit. The exhibition hall is known to bolster the works of Montana artisans. Individuals like Ted Waddel, Winnie Lloyd, Dana Boussard among numerous others have their works showcased here. There is also a permanent collections section.

Rattlesnake National Recreation Area
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Bitterroot

5: Rattlesnake National Recreation Area

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Address: Rattlesnake Dr, Missoula, MT 59802

A couple of miles north of Missoula is this recreational zone that offers you immaculate joy and is magnificently quiet. After a long stroll at the different traveler destinations, this can be your best place to finish up. Besides that, you will find the opportunity to participate in activities like open air learning, picnics, trekking, hiking, wildlife viewing and many others.

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