Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Dover, Delaware

With a fascinating history that dates back to the 1600s, Dover is considered one of the oldest travel destinations in the United States of America. As the second largest city in the State of Delaware, the NASCAR races and horse racing have captured the imagination of travelers for many years. Although most people come here so that they can get a view of various gaming events, other attractions that have continued to draw tourists from all over the world are the rich cultural displays and shows. If you are planning to visit Dover, here are the top 10 attractions you should put in your travel bucket list.

Air Mobility Command Museum
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1: Air Mobility Command Museum

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Address: Dover AFB, 1301 Heritage Rd, Dover AFB, DE 19902

While it may seem hard to see an aircraft bomber or fighter, this museum offers you a very rare glimpse into some of the most feared aircraft in the history of the world wars. Being the largest collection of the United States of America Military cargo and Tankers, this place bursts with the mightiest of the biggest aircrafts. The heavy bomber A-26C nicknamed the invader can be seen here among the various exhibits. You also get to see jet fighters and attack planes among many others. This museum is renowned for hosting quite a large collection of some very special and significant historical aircrafts.

Dover Downs Casino

2: Dover Downs Casino

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Address: 1131 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901

In the Dover Downs Casino, you are guaranteed features that are not comparable to those offered in other casinos of the same standing. While you get your superb holiday retreat in this place, you also get to enjoy the various games and you get engrossed in pure entertainment. There are even virtual tours to the hotel so that you don’t have to be physically located in a specific section in the hotel to know how to get to that place. The virtual tour does all this for you. Dover Downs Casino is also an architectural gem by its design, both in the interior and exterior.

Dover International Speedway

3: Dover International Speedway

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Address: 1131 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901

This is a 135,000 seat racetrack located North of Dupont Highway which boasts unparalleled gaming experience and a majestic view of a mascot built in the Speedway. Built in 1969, this track for racing vehicles is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the U.S.A. Part of the tourist attraction is the giant mascot that is nicknamed “Monster Mile.” NASCAR, which is the game with the second largest fans watching, is also featured here and thus, you will always be thrilled. Today, the speedway has undergone various expansions and renovations and has even been coined as a “Monster Make Over.

Johnson Victrola Museum

4: Johnson Victrola Museum

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Address: 375 S New St, Dover, DE 19901

Johnson Victrola Museum is one of the leading and most visited museums in USA. Named after E.R Johnson, it has a collection of “talking machines” that date back to the olden days. There are also Victrolas which are a type of phonographs that have an internal horn and dates back to the 1800s. A visit here will familiarize you with these Victrolas and “talking machines’” with many cultural significance and glimpses of its past.

John Dickinson Plantation

5: John Dickinson Plantation

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Address: 340 Kitts Hummock Rd, Dover, DE 19901

This plantation is named after an American lawyer and politician, John Dickinson. It’s also where you get the John Dickinson House that is open to the public for exhibition and is one of the most uniquely designed houses around its location. The plantation has a huge collection of exhibitions and galleries. Some of the most notable collections in this place are the displays of the Wines and Spirits in Delaware and you get a glimpse of how they are made and preserved. You also get the story behind the struggles of Emeline Hawkins from slavery.

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