Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Boise, Idaho

The capital of the state of Idaho in the United States, Boise is a culturally diverse, fascinating, and historic destination with plenty to explore and enjoy. If you are visiting this area, you will find all sorts of activities, sights and attractions that you can add to your itinerary. This includes historic buildings, nature attractions, and family oriented activities amongst other things. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing attractions and activities during your time in Boise, Idaho. However, if you need some inspiration here are some of the top attractions to add to your Itinerary:

Boise River Greenbelt
Photo Courtesy: Karl F

1: Boise River Greenbelt

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Address: Boise River Greenbelt, Boise, ID 83706

Stretching for twenty five miles, the Boise River Greenbelt is a hugely popular and much loved park in Idaho. You can enjoy taking in the beauty of the tree lined paths that follow the river through Boise. This is the ideal stretch for those that love to take in natural beauty and stunning surroundings.

Old Idaho Penitentiary
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Mark Hillary

2: Old Idaho Penitentiary

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Address: 2445 Old Penitentiary Rd, Boise, ID 83712

Once home to a number of notorious Idaho criminals, the Old Idaho Penitentiary dates back to the 1870s. For those who enjoy learning more about criminal history and the history of the prison system, this is a must see attraction as it provides a wealth of information as well as a fascinating experience. You can take a tour of the penitentiary and take a look at the cells and the solitary confinement area amongst other things. You can also learn more about the stories and scandals surrounding the prisoners that were once housed there.

Idaho State Capitol Building
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3: Idaho State Capitol Building

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Address: 700 W Jefferson St, Boise, ID 83702

A stunning building constructed with sandstone, the iconic Idaho State Capital Building is situated in Boise. This is a building of rich historical significance and is also a popular place for people to visit when they are in the area. You can admire the grand architecture of the building as well as exploring its history. Original construction dates back to the early 1900s and the building was not finished until 1920.

World Center for Birds of Prey
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/4652 Paces

4: World Center for Birds of Prey

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Address: 5668 W Flying Hawk Ln, Boise, ID 83709

Anyone with an interest in wildlife will find that the World Center for Birds of Prey is a wonderful place to explore. This is a place that is dedicated to the preservation and care of a range of birds of prey, enabling visitors to come face to face with creatures such as owls, eagles, falcons, hawks, and vultures. You can enjoy a variety of shows such as the Live Raptor Presentations as well as indoor exhibits and educational programs.

Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Kenneth Freeman

5: Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

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Address: 770 S 8th St, Boise, ID 83702

An educational park that spans more than eighty acres, the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial is Boise is a place of not only education but also inspiration. Built upon the belief and faith that Anne had when it came to humanity, this is a place where you can also soak up natural beauty and surroundings. There are many features to explore here including the Quote Wall, the Anne Frank Statue, and the Stone Bookcase amongst many others.

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