Maine Top 10 Attractions

Maine is just a short drive away from Canada and has the farthest east and farthest north points of the United States. Most people know the Pine Tree State or Vacationland for its scenic natural beauty, with rocky coastlines, heavy forests, and rolling mountains. Visitors enjoy going out onto the water, hiking through mountains, or going skiing at a world class resort. You can also find all of the cultural activities you want with museums, symphonies, and theater. Visiting Maine gives you the chance to explore history, seeing the inspiration for Thoreau's journals "The Maine Woods" or make your own memories at the following top 10 attractions in Maine.

Marginal Way
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1: Marginal Way

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Address: Marginal Way, Ogunquit, ME 03907

For those who love the outdoors and enjoy taking in natural beauty, Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine is not to be missed. This stunning scenic trail runs along the shoreline and enables those who venture along it to take in incredible surroundings as well as the beauty of the spectacular coastline. Running for just over a mile, the pathway is very popular amongst tourists who want to take in the serene atmosphere as well as the natural beauty that they are surrounding by when they walk along Marginal Way.

Acadia National Park
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2: Acadia National Park

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Address: Acadia National Park, Maine

Comprised of 49,000 acres of beautiful landscapes, this is park is a haven for all nature and outdoor enthusiasts. Here you will find granite cliffs that sit side by side with cobblestone beaches and gorgeous glacier-carved mountains. Hiking through the challenging trails of Acadia National Park will definitely be one of the highlights of your trip to Maine.

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Mount Desert Island
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3: Mount Desert Island

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Address: Mt Desert Island, ME

The largest island off the coast of Maine, Mount Desert Island is home to not only stunning natural beauty but also a range of attractions. Millions of visitors head to the island each year and even the rich and famous are known to head over here and reside during the summer months including the likes of Martha Stewart and Tim Robbins. You will find plenty to explore when you come to Mount Desert Island including the extremely popular Acadia National Park.

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4: Kennebunkport

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Address: Kennebunkport, ME

The town of Kennebunkport in Maine is situated by the Kennebunk River and was once known as a fishing village. Today it has become a popular place to visit by those who are heading to Maine and offers a range of attractions including its attractive seaside location for those who are heading over to relax and take in beautiful natural surroundings. This town is where you will find the summer home of former president George H W Bush and has been visited by world leaders from around the globe over the years. You will find a range of other attractions here including the art gallery and the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge.

Baxter State Park

5: Baxter State Park

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Address: 64 Balsam Drive, Millinocket, ME 04462

Have you and your family always loved roughing it up in the outdoors? Make sure to book a camping weekend at the Baxter State Park. From camping and fishing, to wildlife photography and snowmobiling, you will always find something challenging and fun to do here at the park.

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