Arizona Top 10 Attractions

Havasu Falls
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6: Havasu Falls

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Address: Havasu Canyon, P.O. Box 160, Supai, AZ 86435

This striking waterfall stands nearly 100 feet high, cascading down from blood-red sandstone into a beautiful blue pool. People who come to visit Havasu can explore the site on their own or avail themselves of one of the many guided tours around the park. The nature of the sandstone means that the falls are subject to a greater degree of change when floods and rains occur. The park's website features a picture of the falls when it was known as Bridal Veil, and a picture of its current appearance. No matter how it changes in the future, it is always a beauty to behold.

Saguaro National Park
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7: Saguaro National Park

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Address: 2700 N. Kinney Rd., Saguaro National Park, AZ 85743

Divided into two districts, this national park prominently features its namesake cactus, the saguaro, as well as many other species native to Arizona. A variety of other flora and fauna, including coniferous forests andendangered species of bat and owl, can also be found here. The Tucson Mountains and the Rincon Mountains both reside within the borders, which also features 150 miles of hiking trails. Backcountry campsites are available to hikers wanting to spend more time in the arid beauty of this gorgeous park.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument

8: Canyon de Chelly National Monument

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Address: Chinle, AZ 86503

This breathtaking canyon epitomizes the American West. Its sandstone walls contain evidence left by ancient indigenous people, making it a prized piece of history. The most striking feature here is known as Spider Rock, which figures into Navajo folklore as being the home of Spider Woman, the creator of the world. Whether or not you believe it, the area reverberates with energy. Take a tour deep into the park and explore Mummy Cave, featuring different types of structures built at various points throughout history.

Arizona Science Center

9: Arizona Science Center

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Address: 600 E Washington St Phoenix, AZ 85004

This hands-on science center beckons visitors to get involved and get excited about science. Housing 350 permanent exhibits, there is no shortage of things to explore. Kids and adults can play with gravity, electricity, and magnetism in the Get Charged Up exhibit, or explore the human body in the All About Me section. Forces of Nature puts visitors in the middle of severe storms, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. There is no shortage of fun and excitement here.

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Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

10: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

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Address: 2021 N Kinney Rd, Tucson, AZ 85743

Visitors to this part of the United States who are eager to learn more about the area's native wildlife would do well to visit this museum. Comprised of an aquarium, zoo, botanical garden, natural history museum, and art gallery, it is a comprehensive collection of the flora and fauna of the surrounding desert and its various climates, assembled for visitors to examine and understand more completely. Big cats, raptors, and reptiles are on display, and there is a cave in which to explore fossils and geological features. A trip to this museum is a fine complement to your visit to the desert.

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